UNOH to Launch RACER Leader Program with Polo Induction Ceremony

Posted on Friday, April 24, 2015

The University of Northwestern Ohio is proud to announce the formation of a new Student Ambassador Program on campus.  Known as RACER Leaders, these current students will be representing UNOH to prospective students and serve as mentors for current and future students.  The 16 Ambassadors will be officially welcomed into the program on Thursday, April 30, 2015 at 3:00 p.m. in the Crystal Room at the UNOH Event Center.  UNOH President, Dr. Jeffrey A. Jarvis will present to the RACER Leaders their official polo shirt to wear during the many events throughout the year.

Standing for Racer Ambassador Cultivating Educational Relationships, RACER Leaders will serve for a full academic year and come from a variety of UNOH majors in all colleges. 

The 2015-2016 UNOH RACER Leaders are:

  • Edna Aguilar – Columbia – Business Administration/Marketing
  • Lindsey Cornett – Pine Mountain, GA – Marketing
  • Patrik Dahlstrom – Sweden – High Performance Motorsports Technology
  • Chase Downs – Flatwoods, KY – High Performance Motorsports/Alternate Fuels Technology
  • Kelsey Fiely – Fort Recovery, OH - Accounting
  • Simon Gonzalez – Venezuela – Master of Business Administration
  • Michaela Guyton – Ada, OH – Business Administration
  • Thommy Johansson – Sweden – Business Administration
  • Lillian Macaruso – Woodland Park, CO – Automotive, High Performance Motorsports, Diesel, and Alternate Fuels Technology
  • Kedar Roderick – Trinidad & Tobago – Sports Marketing & Management
  • Andrew Royer – Crawfordsville, IN – High Performance Motorsports & Diesel Technology
  • Jason Rue – Continental, OH – Sports Marketing & Management
  • Kaylynn Simmons – Jordan, New York – Automotive & High Performance Motorsports Technology
  • Nadine Stonjek – Germany – Business Administration
  • Ashleyn Thomason – Gastonia, NC – Business Administration
  • Jessica Vejar – Clermont, FL – Automotive, High Performance Motorsports & Alternate Fuels Technology


"The RACER Leaders are a representation of the UNOH student body,” said Tim Fitzpatrick, Dean of the Colleges of Business, Health Professions and Occupational Professions.  “We are hoping their presence at Open Houses and Orientation events will help prospective students see what it means to be part of the UNOH Family.  These students were selected for their demonstration of leadership, campus involvement, academic achievement, and UNOH pride, and we can't wait to see what they will bring to the student intake experience."

Specifically, RACER Leaders will be actively involved on all UNOH social media platforms and will offer advice and guidance about what it means to be a Racer to incoming students at Orientations, Open Houses, and on Move-In days.  They will also participate in many extracurricular events such as Welcome Week and help new students transition into the UNOH learning environment.

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