UNOH Adds Two New Properties

Posted on Thursday, January 12, 2017

The University of Northwestern Ohio recently acquired two properties that will result in significant cost savings for the institution.  The Northwestern Commons apartment complex, at 651 Columbia Drive, is located just a ½ mile from the UNOH Campus and is within walking distance to many restaurants and shops.  This complex can house up to 50 students.  Each fall, UNOH is at capacity for on-campus dorms.  This facility will allow the university to house additional students without the added expense of building a new dorm complex.  After careful analysis, it was determined that purchasing Northwestern Commons cost substantially less than building a brand new dorm on campus.  In addition it gives the university the ability to house non-traditional students such as married couples and students that are over the age of 25.

The second property, located at 7481 Allentown Road, was purchased to be used as a storage facility for the University.  The building is climate controlled.  This building will eliminate the need for the University to continue paying rent on numerous storage units in the surrounding area.  The long term savings on this investment is considerable and has ample space available for additional storage needs in the future.

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