Oktoberfest Comes to UNOH

Posted on Monday, October 23, 2017


UNOH students painting and carving pumpkins at Racers Station during Oktoberfest

Written by: Megan Fuller, UNOH Contributing Columnist

Oktoberfest has arrived at the University of Northwestern Ohio! It’s the time of year when leaves are falling, Halloween festivities are all around, and the air is getting crispy. For UNOH students, October 18, 2017 at Racers Station, meant a day of pumpkin painting, candy apples, steaming chicken dinners, games and a comedy show at night.

Beginning at noon, students lined up and delved into a complementary lunch – eager to get their hands on a ½ chicken, green beans and applesauce. A delicious candy apple bar quickly followed the meal, which was crowded with hungry UNOH students ready to get their fix of this seasonal treat. “Candy apples are such a staple piece of the fall season,” said one student.  “I’m glad the event had them to offer”.

Just outside Racers Station, away from the continuing food-fest inside, the activities were just beginning. Pumpkins adorned the outside seating area ready to be painted by students. “We got here early and picked the biggest pumpkin,” said one participant. “There were so many designs to choose from!” Before long, almost all the pumpkins had been artistically jazzed up – ready to be displayed!

Alongside the pumpkin painting contest, UNOH students took part in other games and activities such as Zorb racing. This was a huge hit with the more adventurous students at Oktoberfest as they raced their way to the finish line in human hamster balls along an inflated course. “I would definitely recommend giving it a try – it’s a lot of fun!” said one student, out of breath as he won the race. 

The second part of Oktoberfest continued with pulled pork sandwiches and pizza up for grabs at Racers Station along with an evening of comedy. John, from Toledo, Ohio, kicked off the night with a few jokes that warmed up the crowd ready for the two following comedians. The main feature of the night, Dave Landau, was the highlight of the event for many UNOH students. “He definitely lived up to his Comedy Central reputation!” said Preston Bores, a Junior at UNOH.

Overall, the Oktoberfest experience was one of enjoyment for everybody who took part in the festivities. Racers Station is known as a hub for making new friends, taking part in activities and eating some of the best complementary food provided! The Oktoberfest celebration was another addition to the memories made between students at UNOH. What will be next for our students to take part in? What other seasonal activities could we host on campus? Here at UNOH, we’re always looking for new event ideas so feel free to contact campusevents@unoh.edu if you have an idea of your own!

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