Striving for Excellence during Finals

Posted on Friday, March 16, 2018


Student cuddles with therapy dog during DeStress Fest

Written By Contributing Columnist: Kyle Baker

Here at UNOH we collectively embrace the idea of bettering ourselves in any way possible. In every waking moment minds are turning to provide whatever is necessary to accommodate a successful college career. And with finals season in full swing, let’s take a look at two special events in place to help students cope with the upcoming busy week of exams and projects.

The latest and greatest is a Finals Kickback Event, created to give students an opportunity for studying or relaxing at the freshly constructed student hangout, Racers Station. In addition to a warm, welcoming environment, students were offered free coffee, hot chocolate, and donuts… who doesn’t love free donuts? RS will be open at 11:00 a.m. Monday-Friday allowing students to utilize the space for all endeavors finals week may bring, from papers and projects to enjoying the music and family atmosphere over a fun game of pool. All students are welcome and are encouraged to take advantage of the early opening through Tuesday, March 20th!

As we all know, with finals, comes stress. There is nothing worse than letting your worries skew your focus and result in a poor grade or even affect your own happiness. UNOH delightfully solves this dilemma with the annual De-Stress Fest, and yes it is exactly what it sounds like. Hosted by our Barnes & Noble book store staff, therapy dogs are brought in for students to love on and sit with as they make stress balls, participate in an ever exciting game of Giant Jenga or even enter a coloring contest! I am not certain about you, but as my prior life experience serves me, I have yet to come across someone upset when accompanied by an adorable golden retriever or chocolate lab. Although these special events were put in place for finals, UNOH has an open door policy, if ever anyone needs a helping hand, or someone to talk to, there are always options available.

Good luck with finals fellow Racers!

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