UNOH AMA Chapter Takes on New Orleans at International Conference

Posted on Friday, May 04, 2018


UNOH AMA Chapter Members in New Orleans

Written by Contributing Columnist Kira Bueter

For many of us in the University of Northwestern Ohio’s chapter of the American Marketing Association, it was our first time traveling to New Orleans, Louisiana for the 2018 international conference. Each member participated in about 2 competitions, totaling 8 competitions in which UNOH competed. Some of these competitions included SABRE, chapter exhibit, marketing strategy, sales, and perfect pitch.

For example, the quick paced competitive environment of the Sabre competition involves not only teamwork but extreme marketing skills and consumer predictions. The virtual simulation put the UNOH team in charge of a product in a changing market. Using market research, data, and demographics, we had to brainstorm and calculate the best possible strategy to make the most profit.   In the competition there are 6 rounds, and each round lasts 45 minutes, with the startup round being a little longer.

In a round, each team receives a set budget we are allowed to invest in the workforce, the product, or the marketing studies. It is highly recommended during the competition to purchase all the studies to guarantee successful marketing predictions. Results are revealed after each round to see which teams are succeeding and to help other teams measure their progress in competing for the most profit. There is a second market you are allowed to put a product into called the STAR market. There are no studies on this market available and it is a highly unpredictable market. From what I observed, teams tend to either do very poorly in this market or exceed beyond expectations.

Because there are so many teams involved in the competition, we are separated into 6 worlds with 5 teams in each world. It can get a bit confusing, because even if you are winning in your world, you may not be close to the top overall. Looking at the numbers on the chart and depicting the profit can help determine where our team stood. Our team’s main take away was to use the marketing research as it is the key to making a product successful and producing a large profit. Although our team didn’t place, we learned quite a bit during this competition involving marketing and had a wonderful time while doing it.

The conference lasted 3 days and included many interesting and helpful seminars put on by other chapters. Not only was UNOH there to compete, we were also a host chapter since we won a Top Small Chapter Award last year. This year, we competed with larger schools such as the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and Penn State University. This year, we were awarded Exemplary Chapter, Social Impact and Community Service; Internal/External Communications.  The UNOH chapter competed against more than 350 other schools and made it to the top 20%!  The nine of us who attended all worked very hard to get to the International Conference, and it was truly an incredible learning experience for everyone.

 “NOLA never disappoints,” said Sandy Woodmansee, UNOH chapter president.  Not only did we get to compete, we got to explore the beautiful city of New Orleans each day after the conference events were over. The exciting culture and food of New Orleans was quite the change from the small city of Lima.

Coming back from New Orleans, many chapter members made notes on how to improve the UNOH AMA chapter. Chapter Advisor, Dr.Mann said, “We might be small but we hold our own.”

Even though we are a smaller chapter, we are going to work persistently to compete on the same level as the large chapters. We plan to recruit more for 2018-2019 and inspire other students from all different majors to join us on the amazing experience that New Orleans can offer.

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