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Posted on Friday, July 20, 2018


Presenters take a selfie during Social Media Week Lima Conference

An explosion of technology has changed how people interact with and experience the internet and a local social media conference spent two days exploring how marketers and business owners can leverage it online to build relationships with customers.

Among attendance were several UNOH staff and faculty members, student members of the American Marketing Association, along with five student volunteers.

Social Media Week Lima 2018 was held from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on June 20 and 21, at the UNOH Event Center and featured speakers from around the country, offered networking opportunities, and hosted numerous vendors.

Held annually, Social Media Week Lima is all about exploring relationship marketing and diving into new and emerging technologies to drive repeat and referral business. For the second year in a row, the conference was held at the UNOH Event Center and is always hosted by NOW Marketing Group and President Jessika Phillips, who herself in an alum of UNOH.

This year, the focus was on creating authentic relationships online by using human experiences as a basis for marketing. As the world becomes more dependent on online interaction and technologies, human experiences have begun to set businesses apart. People crave real relationships, and want to build trust with the companies they interact with online.

The conference aimed to teach attendees the fine art of knowing and understanding their audience to meet them where they’re at and to build a relationship with them. Studies being done numerous companies, including Coca-Cola, Intuit, and Walker on customers in 2020 show that experiences are what will be the deciding factor on if a customer chooses to work with one business over another. Customers want speed, ease of doing business, and interactions on their terms.

Speakers explored themes that included social media, inbound marketing, relationship marketing, and marketing best practices, along with how attendees could look ahead to prepare for virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and other technologies that will dramatically change our marketing techniques.

The agenda topics included:

  • Building a Human Experience Business by Jessika Phillips
  • Omni-sensory experiences are the future of digital marketing by Brian Fanzo
  • Honing your humanity: New marketing strategies to create brand influence by Angus Nelson
  • A Deep Dive into the reality of Augmented Reality by Cathy Hackl

The student volunteers were members from the AMA club at UNOH. In addition to helping run the conference, they also had the opportunity to sit during presentations and listen to the speakers, which gave them knowledge on how real-world social media marketing is accomplished. Everyone in attendance took away tools to use, advice from the speakers, and listened to how professional marketers go about their daily tasks.

SMWL18 is the sixth year the conference has been held in Lima. It has grown from a small online conference to the largest social media conference in the Midwest. With more than 200 attendees every year, the conference is a jam-packed event that serves to put the power of social media into local business owners’ hands.

The conference always features in-demand speakers, such this year presenters Angus Nelson, Tiffany Lanier, Brian Fanzo, Cathy Hack and more than a dozen other speakers from across the United States.

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