Orientation Season Wraps up at UNOH

Posted on Sunday, August 26, 2018


Incoming Students and Parents at the UNOH Event Center for Orientation

Each year The University of Northwestern Ohio hosts 10 separate orientation events for incoming Racers throughout the year. The month of August brings that tenth and final orientation event of the year which could only mean that a new school year has arrived!  Orientation takes place approximately 6 weeks before programs of study in the College of Applied Technologies which include majors in Automotive Supervision Technology, High Performance Motorsports, Automotive Technology, Diesel Technology, Alternate Fuels, Agricultural Equipment Technology, Robotics & Automation Technology, and HVAC/R Technology. For students in the Colleges of: Business, Health Professions, Occupational Professions and Graduate College orientations are during the quarter immediately preceding their start of classes.

Orientation is a time for students and their parents to learn all the information needed prior to coursework beginning and get any of their questions answered before the first day of classes. Students from all over the world come together in the UNOH Event Center for the on-campus orientations at UNOH. If students can’t make one of the on-campus orientations, the University hosts three off-campus events throughout the spring. Those off-campus orientation events take place in Florida, North Carolina, and New York. UNOH hosts up to 1,200 students each orientation season.  This year brought students from 32 different states including Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C.

During orientation, students have the chance to sign up for different clubs and organizations, get their student ID, meet future classmates with activities led by the RACER Leaders and many other tips and tricks so they are prepared and confident for their first day of classes. Students and their parents are spilt into different groups for most of the day, as the parents are busy getting all the information they need in order to serve as a support system to their student as well as policies and procedures at UNOH.  During the same time, the students are touring the campus and getting to know one another. Orientation is a time to get all the butterflies out so students are ready for their first day. It’s also the perfect time for future students and their parents to talk with UNOH employees and make a connection so that when questions arise throughout the year, they’ll know who or what department will have the answers.  

The University of Northwestern Ohio is excited to have all our new Racers on campus from the College of Applied Technologies, as classes started last week, we are looking forward to having students from the Colleges of Business, Health Professions, Occupational Professions and Graduate College return to campus in early September so the campus will be full of students looking forward to the biggest event of the year, Welcome Week!

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