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Posted on Tuesday, September 04, 2018


UNOH Students Touring Lima Senior High School Stadium

Written by Contributing Columnist: Brooke Raines

Going to classes, doing homework and projects are the basics for almost any class at the university level. University of Northwestern Ohio professors are trying to explore ways to learn outside of the box; trying to go above and beyond to let their students experience opportunities as much as possible. The Sport Marketing and Management classes, led by Professor Phil Gunder, are doing just that by taking every field trip possible throughout the quarter. 

Professor Gunder recently said, “So much of being a good and effective teacher is being able to adapt and offer different styles of learning opportunities to your students because at the end of the day, everyone learns differently and it’s our job as teachers to be able to offer as many different types of instruction to our students.” 

The latest class trip took place right next door at Limaland Motorsports Park. The students toured the facility, learned what it takes to keep a track maintained and how the track is ran every Friday night. This experience also gave the students a chance to see what Limaland was all about for those that had never been there before.

Another one of his classes had the opportunity to tour the Lima Senior High School football field. While on the trip to Lima Senior High School they spoke with the athletic director and board member John Zell about new improvements they have planned for the near future. These discussions gave the students a chance to see what all goes into making large facility improvements such as adding a new turf field to the campus.  

Craig, who is in his senior year at UNOH, has been able to go on several class trips and has been a part of the Skype sessions that take place during class as well. When asked how he liked all the different learning experiences he said, “The Skype sessions and trips are so important because it gets us talking with real people in real life settings and it prepares us for what our daily routine could potentially look like. Skype helps to ask questions and get a more inside look at a said organization or facility. While going to facilities and following personnel around while they show us the inner workings of that specific facility. It’s made me really figure out whether or not I want to be in that setting or not,” says Craig.

With regard to the in-class Skype sessions, Professor Gunder has had many different speakers call in with many different backgrounds.  “I am a big believer in what happens in the ‘real-world’ needs to be addressed and presented to our students and having students listen to an executive from the Cleveland Browns talk about what they do every day is way more valuable than me standing in front of a PowerPoint and talk about the same information,” says Gunder.  

Some of the speakers have included Matt Jones from Crown Equipment, Mike Judge from the Cleveland Browns, Andy Arnold from the Indiana Pacers and many more.  The learning experiences he is providing to the students is something you can’t teach. These opportunities are giving students the chance to go outside of the classroom and see firsthand how a business is ran and what their everyday successes and struggles are. It is providing students with real world knowledge.

Craig added, “Professor Gunder has told us, ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know that makes the difference.’ These experiences will help when I graduate because we are able put ourselves out there to these people we speak with and it allows for us to email any further questions we may have, which could lead to a potential relationships in the future.”   Professor Gunder and the other professors at UNOH are planning on doing more class trips and Skype sessions for their students throughout the 2018-2019 school year.

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