Neighborhood Relief Teams up with Men's Basketball to Give Back

Posted on Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Basketball players assist students during the food giveaway event at the UNOH Event Center

It isn’t a new fact that University of Northwestern Ohio students come from all over the world. This means they are leaving the comfort of their homes, families, and churches to continue their education at UNOH. That’s where The Neighborhood Relief’s founder David Roznowski, better known as Pastor Roz, comes in.  He recognized these students all over the community and wanted to do more to welcome them into town and show them what Lima has to offer. The Neighborhood Relief’s mission is to provide continued support to community organizations by offering merchandise to people in need while showing the love and light of Christ, and be a pillar of hope in the Lima community.

Pastor Roz heard that UNOH had a food pantry to aid students in need, so he saw the opportunity to offer the students not only a free meal, but a free box of food as well that they could take back to their dorm rooms. He said, “There is a need and this is just made out to be a blessing to them and let them know that this community loves them and cares about them.” To facilitate the giveaway event, Neighborhood Relief hosted an event at the UNOH Event Center this past fall for all UNOH students. The event included a free meal, a free box of food, and live entertainment by the band Nothing Left.

Thankfully, Neighborhood Relief didn’t have to put on this event by themselves.  Under the guidance of Head Coach Caleb Williams, the UNOH’s Men’s Basketball Team partnered up with the ministries to help organize and distribute the food. Team members volunteered their time to package the boxes of food, transport them to the UNOH Event Center, and then also carry these boxes to students’ cars to take home. 

Being a student-athlete is demanding in terms of both time and energy, but Coach Williams sets a great example for his players about the value of giving back.  “We have guys that get a lot of stuff, they get a college education, they get to travel and experience university life, and so for us to be able to serve and give to the community, it’s a good lesson for our guys and it’s a part of the college experience. You’re not only going to get the academic and the athletic experience, but if we can help them grow and know what it means to have service and know the important contribution that that is, helping out at events like these are important for that,” said Williams.

Receiving the food is a great morale boost for the students, but the basketball team also enjoyed their role at the event. “It’s a time for us as a team to bond and be able to do something to give back to the community.  We receive a lot of things from the school and from the community and it’s a good way for us to give back,” player Willis Mackey Jr. expressed. 

Now Mackey is hoping their good deeds are returned to them during the basketball season, “This event is a good way for us to show we are here for them and then maybe they’ll be there for us when the season comes, when we need them the most.”  Students were thankful for the act of kindness from the Neighborhood Relief’s efforts and also for the assistance from the Men’s Basketball Team. These events are important to students, as a welcoming community is vital part of their college experience.   

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