UNOH AMA Wins at Regional Conferences

Posted on Monday, November 19, 2018


UNOH AMA Regional Conference

The University of Northwestern Ohio’s Chapter of the American Marketing Association has had a busy fall as the team hosted their own Regional Conference, and traveled to 4 other Regional Events to hone their competition skills leading up to the April 2019 AMA International Collegiate Conference located in New Orleans.

In October, the UNOH American Marketing Association successfully held their second Annual Regional Conference on campus.  The theme they selected for the event was “Race to the Top” as a tip of the hat to the College of Applied Technologies prominence in the high performance motorsports world.   The group invited three speakers to the Conference who use Marketing within the racing industry.

Tom Legeman, Director of Marketing and PR of the ARCA organization, was the keynote speaker.  Legeman was able to discuss the necessity of developing sponsorships at all levels within the industry, and how they change quickly for a variety of reasons. Mr. Legeman also provided the attendees with valuable lessons for moving forward, emphasizing the importance of volunteering and internships.

Ms. Kayla J. Stoops, Director of Marketing, Eagle Hollow Raceway, and a UNOH Sport Marketing and Business Administration alumna, spoke about her challenges in maintaining sponsorships, drivers and attendees at a small dirt track. She is unique in that she has also been a Sprint car driver since she was 12. She was able to speak about the challenges of gaining sponsorships as a driver, as well as the challenges of being a female driver in a male dominated industry.

Finally, Chad Hughes, of Lima Memorial Hospital Marketing Department, pulled it all together and spoke to the attendees about how to brand yourself, create a portfolio, and pursue the position that you want.

The second annual conference met the chapter’s goals in that they doubled their attendance from 2017. Approximately 50 people attended the morning speaker sessions which included students from Ferris State College, Bowling Green University, and Tiffin University.

The afternoon was a time for competitions such as Perfect Pitch, Marketing Strategy, and Sales. UNOH had a strong showing in these events with Ashley Scott winning Perfect Pitch, Caleb Dunlap and Larissa Adams placing 2nd in Marketing Strategy, and Kira Irick and Joe Gerdeman placing 3rd in the same event.  The Sales competition was a clean sweep for UNOH with 1st place going to Daniel Sanchez, 2nd to Samantha Sutherly, and 3rd place taken home by Ashley Scott.  The UNOH winners decided to turn in their cash prizes and put the money towards funding trips to other regional events.  

Larissa Adams and Caleb Dunlap win 1st Place in Marketing Strategy Competition at Lansing Community College

Speaking of other Regional competitions, Larissa Adams and Caleb Dunlap took home 1st place in the Marketing Strategy competition at the Lansing Community College Regional Conference on October 5th.  Caleb Dunlap and Jelani Griffin won 3rd place in Marketing Strategy at the Ferris State University Regional Competition on November 2nd, and members also competed at the Aurora University Regional Conference on November 3rd, closing out the fall with the University of Cincinnati Regional Conference on November 10th.





AMA Chapter Members at Regional Conference

The AMA Chapter is excited about their growth this year with nearly 20 active members from the College of Business, College of Occupational Professions, and College of Applied Technologies.  Current Members are:

Larissa Adams

Kira R Bueter

Robert R Comstock

Caleb A Dunlap

Joe R Gerdeman

Natalie P Ginter

Jelani B Griffin

William Z White-Griggs

Thomas K Gruenbaum

John Hartman

Kira L Irick

Trevor Jones

Jalen Jones

Brandon H Lam

Mayce G McCreery

Rebecca Metras

Daniel Sanchez

Ashley E Scott

Samantha l Sutherly

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