Monster Jam Trucks Make Pit Stop at UNOH

Posted on Wednesday, December 05, 2018


Michael Osborne, left, Grave Digger crew chief, talks shop with UNOH students, John Hartman and Brenden Rassel, during a pit stop at UNOH. Photo Credit - Craig Orosz, The Lima News

Written by:  Lima News Reporter Sam Shriver

LIMA — Students in the University of Northwestern Ohio’s Motorsports program got a chance to see, up close, two Monster Jam trucks.

The crews of Grave Digger and El Toro Loco made a pit stop at the S&S Volvo Motorsports Racing Complex Tuesday for some much-needed repairs before their next show.

“These trucks are amazing. The stuff they’re able to do is just incredible. The damage they can take, the power that they have, just every aspect of it is really interesting,” said Jarrett Thompson, a current student in the motorsports program.

“Any experience you get at the school is an amazing experience and you can apply it to so many different fields in motorsports,” said Thompson.

Nick Mowl, a 2008 graduate of UNOH, is crew chief of the El Toro Loco team.

“We’re doing our general maintenance from our last show to the show we have this weekend in Dayton. We have regular maintenance from oil changes, [transmission] fluid changes. We tear the corners apart to see if there’s any damage. We have mechanical damage from our last show and we have to fix all of that before we go on there and they’re allowing us to be inside their shop and be nice and warm instead of sitting outside somewhere,” said Mowl.

Mowl says he’s impressed on how the campus has grown.

“It’s pretty neat to see the expansion that has been made. It’s way different, way bigger than it was before and you can definitely see the opportunities that they’re giving all of the students,” said Mowl.

Grave Digger and El Toro Loco have custom-built truck bodies and stand approximately 10.5 feet tall. They’re 12.5 feet wide, 17 feet long and weigh 12,000 pounds. Each Monster Jam engine can generate up to 1,500 horsepower.

“Well, the Monster Jam experience gives the students another avenue of learning more about the high-performance world,” said Paul Higgins, head motorsports team coach.

“In the high-performance world, there’s a lot more than just round racing, drag racing, dirt track racing — there’s also the Monster Truck racing avenue, which students also have an opportunity to move forward into. Many past graduates have worked on the Monster Jam trucks on a daily basis,” he said.

The trucks should complete their pit stop at UNOH by sometime Wednesday evening and head to Dayton for this weekend’s event.

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