Rotaract Club Holds Resource Drive to Benefit Victims of Human Trafficking

Posted on Thursday, April 04, 2019


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Written by Contributing Columnist: Shelby Stevens

For a week and a half beginning on March 11 and ending March 20, 2019, the Rotaract Club at UNOH held a resource drive to collect goods such as clothes, shoes, and hygiene products for people who have been victims of human trafficking. We were able to collect quite a haul of goods (more than ten garbage bags full) to help those victims due to the generosity of the faculty, staff and students of UNOH.

To kick off the drive, we held an informational presentation at Racers Station on March 11th. Fifteen people attended. Nicole Fairburn of Crime Victims Services spoke about the prominence of Human Trafficking in the States and the people who are most vulnerable.

Human trafficking is objectively a morally abhorrent practice that goes back a very long time, and it is still thriving in the present day. This is because unlike goods that can have a short useful life, the usefulness of a human in nearly unending. This means that they can be used and sold over and over again. It is for this reason that human trafficking is a BILLION-dollar industry.

The Polaris Project is a global network that aims to eradicate human trafficking which is modern day slavery. There are different kinds of trafficking that exist. For example, two types that are prevalent in the United States are labor trafficking and sex trafficking. Its website provides information on the methods traffickers use to manipulate their victims such as “violence, threats, deception, debt bondage, and other manipulative methods”. The website provides harrowing statistics about the reality of human trafficking. For example, it is estimated by the International Labor Organization that 40.3 billion humans are trafficked globally and at least 25% of that number are children, that’s 10.075 billion children being trafficked. Click this link to get more of THE FACTS.

The idea that human trafficking is happening just under our noses is scary to think about. It makes a person start wonder ‘what are the signs of human trafficking?’. The signs of human trafficking are presented in the living conditions of a person, that persons mental state or behavior, their physical health, lack of autonomy, or even other things like: inability to share where they are staying or their address, lack of knowledge of their location or the city they are in, appears to lose their sense of time, shares rehearsed or inconsistent stories, and protecting the person that might be hurting them. For more ways to spot victims of trafficking check out RECOGNIZE THE SIGNS.

The Polaris Project gives more information about the types of human trafficking. Click these links to learn more about labor trafficking and sex trafficking. To read to the stories of survivors click SURVIVOR STORIES.

If you suspect that someone could be a victim of human trafficking, here are some resources to help you take action:

Contact the national Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888

Text “BeFree” or “HELP” to the BeFree Textline at 233733

Send an email to

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