Travel and Hotel Management Students Attend National Restaurant Association's 100th Annual Show

Posted on Monday, June 24, 2019


UNOH Students at National Restaurant Association's 100th Annual Show

Written by: Professor John Strouse

Robert Comstock of Piqua, Ohio, Meredith Spolyar of Quincy, Michigan, and Chelsea Yates of Lima, Ohio, attended the National Restaurant Association’s 100th Annual Show in Chicago this Spring Quarter.  Students had the opportunity to meet and network with various professionals within the hospitality industry.  The two-day event was filled with walking through three buildings complete with more than 4,000 exhibit booths at the McCormick Center. Students sampled a variety of different foods while learning about current and future trends within the industry. Robert says his favorite part of the show was “tasting all the different foods from various states, such as the Hatch Green Chili produced in New Mexico, and the international foods, such as the Italian Chocolates”. He also enjoyed talking to the CEO of an ice cream company who owned ten restaurants in Bali. “It was a very professional event where a lot of people were promoting their companies and products,” said Robert.

Meredith says her favorite part of the show was “trying all the different foods from the vendors and learning about the creation of the different foods being presented, not to mention the good tasting Gelato”.  She learned, “there was a lot of international companies that come to the event to sell their products to distributors around the country”.

Chelsea says her favorite part of the show was meeting the vendors stating, “Talking to the vendors was great because we learned how they distribute their products in the market”. She also had the opportunity to make cotton candy at a Moscow vendor’s booth. One thing she learned was that there are a lot of new healthy alternatives to foods and so many environmentally friendly food supplies available to restaurants and others in the food service industry.

Professor John Strouse was excited for his students to experience this event stating, “this is something anyone studying the hospitality field must attend to see the new trends in the industry such as bamboo straws, plates to replace paper and Styrofoam, meatless hamburgers that taste like hamburgers with meat, and ice cream that is plant based with no dairy but tastes like real ice cream”.

While in Chicago, on Friday night before the show, the students toured Wrigley Field, the second oldest ballpark in the United States. They learned about fan attendance, history of the team, the rooftop seating arrangement with tickets costing between $109 and $159 a piece, the background of employees that work there, and the start of singing the song “Take me out to the Ballgame”, by Harry Carey. Students also had an opportunity to sit in the press box, visit the visitor’s locker room, and hang out in the Cubs’ Dugout for a few moments.

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