UNOH Graduate Takes Her Education Back Home

Posted on Monday, June 03, 2019


Kayla Stoops, center, enjoying a past Welcome Week event at UNOH

Written by: Communications Specialist Georgia Krebs

From Nebraska to Ohio, Kayla Stoops journey from home, through school, then back home has been a long one.  Kayla graduated from UNOH in 2016 with multiple degrees. She earned her Associate degree in Sport Marketing and Management followed by a Bachelor degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. The reason Kayla chose to attend UNOH, even though it was 1,000 miles away, was because of the racing culture. “I grew up racing so I loved that I could incorporate that passion into my schooling,” she said.  

Not only did Kayla travel to UNOH to get a successful degree, but she also enjoyed the campus life. Kayla was able to work on campus at Racers Station and enjoy all the student activities that UNOH offers everyone.  But soon, it was time for Kayla to graduate and decide where her education would take her.

Knowledge of Sport Marketing, Business Administration, and Marketing techniques are all valuable assets for someone who wants to be successful in the racing industry or other similar areas. So after graduation, Kayla started her career as the Marketing Director at Eagle Raceway.  Shortly thereafter, she took her passion back home to the family business, ATV Motorsports in Omaha, Nebraska.

ATV Motorsports

Kayla says uses the knowledge she gained from UNOH nearly every day at work, from marketing skills to accounting skills. She was able to add value to ATV Motorsports because, she says, “before we never really had our name out there and now, through digital marketing, we are gaining followers and repeat business because of those efforts.” The main goals for the future are to see the family business grow and succeed for many years to come.

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