UNOH Alumna Mentors Current Students during Social Media Week

Posted on Monday, July 15, 2019


Zach Griggs, far left, stand with fellow UNOH students at the Social Media Week Lima conference.

Written by Contributing Columnist: Zach White-Griggs

Last week, I, along with several members of the University’s American Marketing Association chapter and Rotaract club, had the unique opportunity to volunteer for a local conference and witness the world of social media marketing first-hand.  As current college students, being able to see the events at Social Media Week-Lima unfold helped broaden our perspectives on the use of social media as both a personal, and professional, advertising tool.

Social Media Week Lima is an annual two day event orchestrated by 2008 UNOH alumna Jessika Phillips. Its purpose is to bring fresh ideas to entrepreneurs and business leaders hoping to increase their public exposure through the use of their social media pages. Within the last decade, social media has become a vital tool for any organization; too valuable not to take advantage of, and Jessika did an excellent job choosing speakers to reflect its importance. One of my favorite presenters was Tiffany Lanier who, in my personal opinion, has built a brand for herself unrivaled by almost anyone as young as she is. She explained her history with social media and gave her own motivational speech. It was an awe-inspiring experience seeing the whole conference mesh effortlessly together all under the guidance of our own UNOH graduate at the helm. This really speaks volumes about the quality of education you can receive at UNOH.

As a College of Applied Technologies graduate currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Automotive Technology Supervision, I haven’t had too many opportunities to see the administrative side of an event. I knew when I started the Supervision program that I needed to find a resource that would expose me to experiences like this, and I found my perfect fit with the University’s American Marketing Association. Joining AMA really brought to life the concepts I was learning in class and allowed me to apply that knowledge at events such as Social Media Week Lima.  I couldn’t be happier with the decision I made to join AMA and hope that any student looking to better their personal brand or marketing skills will do the same regardless of their major.

Social Media Week Lima was a unique experience that allowed myself and my peers to view the world of marketing from a front row seat.  I would like to thank everyone at Social Media Week Lima, and especially Dr. Susan Mann, the AMA faculty advisor, and Jessika Phillips, for making this opportunity possible for myself and the other volunteers. You both have aided our education and improved our possible career paths in a tremendous way. Thank you!

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