UNOH grad celebrates Indy500 Victory Lane with Penske

Posted on Thursday, July 11, 2019


AJ Rosini Celebrates Indy500 win with Penske driver Simon Pagenaud

Written by: Communications Specialist Georgia Krebs

All the way from Dallas, Texas, AJ Rosini journeyed to UNOH to study Automotive, High Performance Motorsports, and Alternate Fuels. His journey started at UNOH, but after graduating in 2017 AJ jumped into his dream career with IndyCar racing, eventually landing him in Victory Lane!

The world of racing is fast-paced and competitive. After graduation, AJ eventually landed a job with Team Penske as an IndyCar Fabricator and the “Tire Guy” when out at the track.  AJ and the team’s hard work lead them to Victory Lane at the 2019 Indy500 with driver Simon Pagenaud. The driver, team, and UNOH graduate are now a part of racing history.

Rewind to when AJ came to UNOH, he knew very little about cars. UNOH was the foundation of nearly all of AJ’s knowledge that he took with him to Team Penske with confidence. AJ explained, “UNOH gave me a solid base to build on. UNOH focused on teaching ‘why something works the way it does’, rather than just showing you how it works. The classes didn’t focus on memorizing terms, but problem solving skills and techniques.”

While studying different courses and subjects, many students find their passion or niches. AJ’s favorite classes were High Performance Fabrication and welding classes. This is where he found his calling in racing and the instructors helped get him to where he is today. “I had Mr. McPherson for Fabrication,” AJ said. “I feel he made the class everything it should be. I use the skills I learned from him and the course every single day at the shop.” No wonder AJ landed a job in fabrication.

During AJ’s time at UNOH, he dabbled in many different opportunities the university had to offer. For a short period of time he was involved in the Race Club, Motorsports Team, and even participated in some Autocross Club events.  

“I recommend UNOH every time I’m asked how I found my way into the racing industry. I see so many of my old classmates at the track that I figure UNOH must have something figured out over the competitor schools. I tell everyone that there is no way I could have entered this field, and been competitive straight out of school, without UNOH,” said AJ with conviction.  Although his career is just beginning, AJ has already experienced the dream of victory lane and hopes there is more to come in the years ahead!

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