UNOH Announces New Light Duty Diesel Degree

Posted on Tuesday, August 06, 2019


The University of Northwestern Ohio is expanding its curriculum offerings with a new Associate’s Degree in Light-Duty Diesel Technology.  Applications are currently being accepted with classes starting in August 2020. 

The University of Northwestern Ohio has offered Diesel Technology as a major since 1973.  The program is nationally recognized for its excellence in preparing students for profitable careers following graduation.  The expansion into the Light-Duty Diesel industry is a logical extension of an already successful program in order to produce additional technicians for an industry that is facing a never-ending need for employees.

The current Diesel Technology program will be re-named Medium/Heavy Duty Diesel to reflect its focus on large commercial-style diesel engines.  

Both the Medium/Heavy Duty and Light Duty diesel programs will focus on general knowledge of the vehicle and its engine components, learning how to troubleshoot problems, and using computer software to run diagnostic procedures.  The differences come in the type of vehicles students will learn to service.  Medium/Heavy Duty diesel technicians will work on diesel engines and vehicles designed for shipping, farming, construction, and more such as semi-trucks, buses, rail engines, etc.  Light Duty diesel technicians will focus on 8.0 liter diesel engines and smaller which are designed for on-the-road consumer cars and trucks as well as compact tractor and skid-steer engines.

The job outlook for diesel technicians is promising with a projected 10% growth in the industry in the next 6 years.  There are currently 278,000 diesel technicians employed in the country today with another 30,000 jobs opening up through 2026.  These jobs are well-paying with the average technician holding an associate’s degree taking home over $47,000 annually.  The top-earning technicians, those with specialized certifications and many years of experience, can earn over $75,000 a year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

For information on the Light-Duty Diesel Technology program, contact UNOH Admissions at (419) 998-3120.

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