Grad Finding Success in NASCAR Country

Posted on Sunday, October 13, 2019


2018 UNOH Automotive Technology Supervision Graduate, Almon Evans

Written by Communications Specialist Georgia Krebs

The University of Northwestern Ohio took a kid from a small town in New Hampshire to NASCAR country, Mooresville, North Carolina. Almon Evans graduated in 2016 with an Automotive/High Performance Associates degree, but then pursued his Bachelor’s degree by taking both traditional and online classes. He completed his Automotive Technology Supervision degree last November, putting him ahead in the field of racing.

Almon landed himself in North Carolina where NASCAR lives and breathes, where he currently is working as FURY Race Cars’ sub-assembly and welding assistant. FURY Race Cars is a manufacturer of asphalt Super Late models for short tracks across the country, and Modifieds for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour. Almon’s duties are a wide variety; such as chassis repair, building front and rear clips, CNC tubing bending, and much more. Almon is getting his hands dirty and making his way around the shop using his knowledge of racing.

During his years at UNOH, Almon was a team member on the UNOH Motorsports Team. He helped with anything from hauler repair, to metal fabrication, to crew chief. Almon enjoyed his time and said, “It was a great way to get my feet wet in more of a professional racing environment and it opened many doors to meeting individuals who have helped along in my own racing career.”

Not only does UNOH provide education, but also provides many connections to get students a jump start in their careers. “Success takes work, and the university rewards students who go out of their way to get the most out of every class,” Almon spoke from experience. There are many opportunities to learn and become more accomplished in the automotive and racing industry.

Almon proudly stated, “UNOH is a top notch facility with top notch faculty. Go the extra mile and make the most of it, whether it’s in class, in school clubs, or just in your own life. The University of Northwestern Ohio is a great place to explore new ideas, learn from some of the greatest minds in the industry, and make some amazing friends. All you have to do is be there for it and put your 100% towards it.”

UNOH brings students from all over the world that share the same passion and Almon realized this and described it as “a community like none other.” Almon, along with countless other graduates, still keep in touch with professors and the life-long friends that were made at UNOH.

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