Students Host Job Readiness Workshop for Allen Correctional Inmates

Posted on Monday, October 21, 2019


UNOH Students with AOCI Inmates

The Human Resource Management class took a field trip to experience the Lima Prison, officially known as the Allen-Oakwood Correctional Institution (AOCI). Part of their coursework covers the different types of recruiting efforts of HR Directors and one of the topics discussed was where and how to find prospective job candidates who want to work, such as recruiting ex-offenders. There was apprehensive discussion, leading Professor Dr. Dunlap to arrange an out-of-classroom experience to meet the ex-offenders who would be released within the next year looking to be employed into the area workforce.

After a tour, the class and inmates shared donuts and orange juice with each other while having an open question and answer period. This discussion changed the students’ mindsets as they learned first-hand from offenders going into the workforce.

Not only did the students and offenders get time to converse, the class arranged stations for the inmates who were going to get released from prison within three months to one year. A majority of these inmates never had a legal job, had never completed a job application, or had a job interview in over 40 years.

The job readiness stations students created consisted of the following:

  1. Job Readiness Station – how to dress for success, resume writing, business cards, and soft skills.
  2. Mock Interview Station – how to successfully interview, legal questions allowed to be asked during interviews, and how to fill out applications.
  3. One-on-One Job Training Skills - explanation of what a human resource department is, the importance of an HR department within an organization, explanation of the importance of job training, job skills, on the job training, employee relations, and explanation of employment laws.
  4. Group Interview Station – how to stand out in a group interview, why group interviews exist, and importance of group interviews.
  5. Question and Answer Station – inmates had the chance to get any additional questions answered.

This trip to the Lima Prison was not only an educational experience to students, but also beneficial for the inmates who had opportunity to learn skills and useful information before heading into the workforce. An Educational Administrator from the prison stated, “Our participants were elated and very thankful for the opportunity to be a part of an event that connected them to the realities of reentry. The openness and honesty was especially important for the offenders since some of them haven’t completed an application or had a job interview in over 40 years.”

Many of the students felt the same way about the experience stating, “This field trip has changed my life forever. I learned so much more about myself and from now on, I will see others that are different from me much more clearly.”  Another student wrote, “I could never have learned in any class what I learned going on this field trip with Dr. Dunlap.”   It was a true learning experience for all.

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