AMA Chapter holds Regional Conference on Campus

Posted on Monday, November 11, 2019


UNOH AMA Chapter Members

The American Marketing Association (AMA) is the force and voice shaping marketing around the world, and UNOH has their own higher education chapter. The AMA chapter held their 3rd annual regional conference last month, bringing many colleges around the state to campus. A day full of networking, gaining new knowledge, and some friendly competition.

The conference hosted several marketing specialists and business leaders to speak about finding ways to capture the attention of customers. Every year there is a theme, this year, the theme was all about “Loving Local.” Students learned about the importance of going out into the community and developing relationships with businesses. The UNOH students are learning the value of loving local as they reach out to help businesses develop a social media presence that they may not have had before. This is beneficial to the businesses, but also beneficial to the students who are learning and growing their marketing skill set.

The different chapters at the conference were able to compete in three different challenges. The sales competition tested the competitors’ ability to close the sale. Perfect pitch is an individual competition that consisted of a 60-90 second interview in which the AMA member gave an elevator pitch as to why they are “right for the job.” The final competition was marketing strategy where teams of 2 are faced with a mini-case based on a company, with only a short time come up with a solution to solve the problem and present it in front of a judging panel. The friendly competition tested the members and overall chapters’ skill and knowledge.

“The conference was amazing and a great learning experience,” said Natalie Ginter of UNOH American Marketing Association. “I love competing in different AMA competitions, and hearing each of the speakers’ stories. There was a lot of networking between other students and with the speakers.” Natalie has been with the chapter for over a year and her favorite memory was going to New Orleans for the AMA International Collegiate Conference, and she hopes she gets to return this coming year.

The UNOH chapter has members from all different backgrounds, not just marketing majors. AMA is a great way for any student on campus to learn more about marketing and how to implement it in any aspect or career path. Students are able to join year round and can email for more information!

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