Centennial Clock installed on Campus

Posted on Wednesday, November 13, 2019


UNOH Centennial Clock Tower

The season’s first snowfall didn’t delay the start of centennial celebrations for the University of Northwestern Ohio.  In temperatures dipping into the single digits, the Verdin Company, based out of Cincinnati, Ohio assisted the UNOH Plant Department to install a one-of-a-kind timepiece in the center of campus.

2020 will be a landmark year for the University of Northwestern Ohio, as it celebrates its Centennial anniversary.  Standing 16 feet tall, placed upon a 4 foot base, the UNOH Centennial Clock Tower, made possible through donations to the University, will mark each hour with a chime and in style as it was designed to match the university colors and appearance.

Founded in 1920, in downtown Lima, UNOH, formerly known as the Northwestern School of Commerce, focused solely on Business Administration and secretarial degrees. In the 1970s, the school began to offer Technical Training in the Automotive and Diesel fields. In 1992, the school made history by launching the first High Performance Motorsports Degree Program in the world. From there, the growth and expansion of this educational institution took off. Collegiate athletics was brought back to campus, the number of students educated in any given year tops 4,000, and UNOH has taught students from all 50 states and 61 countries in its history.

After the final adjustments were made, UNOH President, Dr. Jeffrey A. Jarvis looked up at the clock and reflected on how far the University has come in just his time at the helm of the institution, “This clock marks the new center of campus gives a nod to our history and what we’ve done, but more importantly the beginning of the new century at UNOH.  We have been blessed to have many employees that have built Northwestern into what it is today and employ nearly 500 talented people currently. We are really excited about the upcoming 100 year anniversary in 2020, and this clock is just the first piece of many events we have planned over the next 12 months."

For more information about the UNOH Centennial, visit https://www.unoh.edu/100/

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