UNOH Plays Major Role in MakerFest 2019

Posted on Friday, November 08, 2019


UNOH Faculty Organize IT Network Assembly Challenge

UNOH faculty and students volunteered at the fifth annual MakerFest last month. This year, MakerFest brought in 1,500 students from 36 different schools to engage in competitions, breakout sessions, skilled trade challenges, and interact with 100 local employers. UNOH Admission Representatives, Jon Cottrell, Brock Atkins, Jason Bowers, and Bill Cooper, interacted with the many high school students at the UNOH booth and were able to highlight the programs and opportunities at UNOH.

Dean Tim Fitzpatrick, along with Jena Shafer, organized the “Brain Games” STEM Competitions for the third year in a row. This year, there were 14 “Brain Games” STEM Competitions, relating to science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and other 21st Century Skills. Out of those 14 competitions, four of them were facilitated by UNOH faculty.

  • Jim Bronder, UNOH Controller, facilitated the Business Simulation Challenge;
  • Michael Yee, IT instructor, with assistance from Perry ProTech, facilitated the IT Network Assembly Challenge;
  • Mindy McDonald, Medical Assisting Program Director, facilitated the Operation Game Challenge;
  • Ben Frail and Andrew Remlinger, Robotics instructors, facilitated the Robot Coding Challenge.

For the “Brain Game” STEM Competitions and Breakout Sessions, Dean Fitzpatrick worked with Professors John Strouse, Jennifer Brogee, Susan Mann, Calvin Lindo, Michael Yee, and Mindy McDonald to gather 58 student volunteers to help with the “Brain Games” STEM Competitions and Breakout Sessions.  The student volunteers assisted the facilitators with various tasks/needs throughout the event.

Andy Daley and Shawn Spicer, Robotics instructors, conducted a breakout session for the event entitled “A Robot’s Guide to the Galaxy.” This was a chance for high school students to talk and interact with professionals to determine their interest in pursuing careers associated with robotics.

UNOH had a strong presence at MakerFest 2019 and, the community was able to see how the university is preparing students for productive careers in the workforce.

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