2019 Fall Quarter President's and Dean's List Announced

Posted on Friday, December 13, 2019



The University of Northwestern Ohio is proud to acknowledge its President’s List for Fall Quarter 2019 for students in the College of Applied Technologies.  The following full-time and part-time students received a grade point average of 4.0:

CT                                      Oakdale   Vasquez, Kevin Michael

IL                                       Wilmette   Carter, Andrew Nicholas 

MI                                      Highland   Deckard, Dillon L 

MI                                      Sparta   Tasma, Tiffany Rose 

NC                                      Charlotte   Woodbury, Guy Davis 

WV                                     Logan   Corns, Samuel Bailey

The University of Northwestern Ohio is proud to acknowledge its President’s List for Fall Quarter 2019 for students in the College of Business.  The following full-time and part- time students received a grade point average of 4.0:

CA                                      San Juan Capistrano   Cervantes, Natalie Christine

MI                                      Brooklyn   Price, Abigail Rose 

OH                                      Bowling Green   Melcher, Meghan M. 

OH                                      Dunkirk   Hipsher, Brady William 

OH                                      Lima   Sweigart, Elizabeth Ann 

OH                                      Saint Marys   Godinho, Amy S. 

OH                                      Versailles   Winner, Taylor Marie 

OH                                      Wapakoneta   Bennett, Janet  


BRAZIL                                 Fernandes, Vinicius De Oliveira

The University of Northwestern Ohio is proud to acknowledge its President’s List for Fall Quarter 2019 for students in the College of Occupational Professions.  The following full-time and part-time students received a grade point average of 4.0:

IN                                       Lafayette   Scheumann, Tyson Gregory 

MI                                      Clarkston   Villarreal, Daniel Raul 

NV                                      Henderson   Maynard, Chase Robert 

OH                                      Eastlake   Hickman, Vernon Antwaun 

OH                                      Fayette   Schang, Wendy Lynn 

OH                                      Harrison   Brunst, Aubrey Q 

OH                                      Holgate   Gustwiller, Levi J. 

OH                                      Lima   Lumpkins, Desiree Dawn 

OH                                      Lima   Mayer, Tyler John 

OH                                      New Knoxville   Zizelman, Kayla Jane 

OH                                      Sugarcreek   Johnson, Zoe Marie 

VA                                      Warrenton   Griffin, Melvin  IV

VT                                      Pittsford   Riesterer, Logan K. 


GERMANY                           Fricke, Sabrina 

The University of Northwestern Ohio is proud to acknowledge its President’s List for Fall Quarter 2019 for students in the College of Health Professions.  The following full -time and part-time students received a grade point average of 4.0: 

IL                                       Scott AFB   Cade, Jessica  

NC                                      Clayton   Treadway, Stephanie Ann 

OH                                      Elida   Cornell, Shane Zachary 

OH                                      Fort Jennings   Parks, Denise Kimberly 

OH                                      Harrison   Wilkins, Samantha Lyn 

OH                                      Jackson Center   Coppes, Denae Danielle 

OH                                      Van Wert   Price, Rebekah J. 

TX                                      Seabrook   Sawmiller, Claire Elizabeth 



The University of Northwestern Ohio is proud to acknowledge its Dean’s List for Fall Quarter 2019 for students in the College of Applied Technologies.  The following full-time and part-time students received a grade point average of 3.5 or better:

AZ                                      Apache Junction   White-Griggs, William Zachary 

MA                                     Townsend   Messing, Daniel William 

MI                                      Highland   Murray, Dylan Alexander 

MI                                      Ortonville   Meixell, Jacob Charles 

MI                                      Sterling Heights   Kraemer, Lucy Chappelle 

MI                                      Waterford   Jusino, Philip Thomas 

NJ                                       Willingboro   Lowe, Nicholas S. 

OH                                      Spencerville   Hill, Gregory J II

PA                                      Erie   Roberts, Shayne Anthony 

PA                                      Pittsburgh   Sheehan, Trevor Charles 

PA                                      Waterford   Fritz, Scott V. 

The University of Northwestern Ohio is proud to acknowledge its Dean’s List for Fall Quarter 2019 for students in the College of Business.  The following full-time and part-time students received a grade point average of 3.5 or better:

CT                                      Southbury   Potter, Jordan Rose 

GA                                      Buford   Nieto Penon, Jonathan Steven 

IA                                       Des Moines   Chhara, Lal Ro 

IN                                       Bryant   Lykins, Hannah K 

IN                                       Parker City   McCreery, Mayce G. 

KS                                      South Haven   Riggs, Nathan L 

MI                                      Southgate   Krizmanich, Jordan K 

NJ                                       Clifton   Ak, Mehmed Talha 

OH                                      Anna   Coverstone, Derek I 

OH                                      Anna   Inman, Courtney Marie 

OH                                      Big Prairie   Raber, Chelsie Lynne 

OH                                      Campbell   Rotz, Haylie Marie 

OH                                      Celina   Green, Charles Lawrence 

OH                                      Celina   Huff, Logan James 

OH                                      Celina   Zender, Thomas S. 

OH                                      Covington   Monnin, Brittany Mae 

OH                                      Degraff   Slaven, Tyler Mason 

OH                                      Delphos   Pohlman, Lexi Kay 

OH                                      Forest   Messenger, Erica Danielle 

OH                                      Fort Jennings   Hoersten, Katelynn Christine 

OH                                      Fort Jennings   Luebrecht, Austin Matthew 

OH                                      Fort Jennings   Miller, Carlee LaRue 

OH                                      Ft Jennings   Kerns, Justin A. 

OH                                      Grover Hill   Edwards, Sara J 

OH                                      Hebron   Stout, Duncan Gabriel 

OH                                      Independence   Adams, Larissa Kathryn 

OH                                      Irondale   Berkheimer, Judy L 

OH                                      Jackson Center   Reese, Chloe Ann 

OH                                      Kenton   Hawk, Kayla Marie 

OH                                      Lima   Brenneman, Bobbie Jo 

OH                                      Lima   Cottrell, Pamela Ann 

OH                                      Lima   Cutlip, Channce Matthew 

OH                                      Lima   Delgado, Jaime S 

OH                                      Lima   Metras, Rebecca Sharon 

OH                                      Lima   Perkins, Samuel J 

OH                                      Lima   Ramirez, Natalie Jean 

OH                                      Lima   Stark, Scott  

OH                                      Lima   Sutherly, Samantha L. 

OH                                      Lima   Williamson, David Russell 

OH                                      Louisville   Wharmby, Kirsten Louise 

OH                                      Maria Stein   Hemmelgarn, Alex Lawrence 

OH                                      Maria Stein   Otte, Rachel  

OH                                      Mc Clure   Crouch, Lisa Marie 

OH                                      Miamisburg   LeVangie, Nick A. 

OH                                      Middletown   Brinegar, Joey Marie 

OH                                      Minerva   Brown, Kiaunna Anne 

OH                                      Minster   Meyer, Makenna Lynn 

OH                                      Minster   Riethman, Kyle Joseph 

OH                                      New Knoxville   Scott, Ashley Elizabeth 

OH                                      Oak Harbor   Lenke, Emily Marie 

OH                                      Oak Harbor   Segaard, Spencer Evan 

OH                                      Ottawa   Charles, Christopher Allen 

OH                                      Ottawa   Cherry, Heidi Dena 

OH                                      Ottawa   Everett, Chloe Barbara Jean 

OH                                      Saint Paris   Kite, Olivia Victoria 

OH                                      Shelby   Von Stein, CeCelia Anne 

OH                                      Tiffin   Boes, Matthew Joseph 

OH                                      Van Wert   White, Chelsey Lynn 

OH                                      Vanlue   Thomas, Cole McKinley 

OH                                      Wapakoneta   Carrico, Kasey Nicole 

OH                                      Wapakoneta   Goodes, Don Thomas 

OH                                      Wapakoneta   Lehman, Trent  

OH                                      Wapakoneta   Marshal, Eric Lee 

PA                                      State College   Greer, Michael J. 

SC                                       Fort Mill   Groh, Shannon Renee 

WA                                     Tacoma   Heffner, William Lewis 

WI                                      Abbotsford   Wagner, Kristin Marie 


BRAZIL                                 Loebens, Lucas  

BRAZIL                                 Pestana, Thaynan  

CANADA                              London, Noah Cecil Vincent 

CANADA                              Zniber, Walid M'fadel 

COLOMBIA                          Muvdi, Sebastian  

GERMANY                           Hofmann, Mona Marina 

GERMANY                           Weisphal, Erik  

MADAGASCAR                    Rakoto Andriantseheno, Sitraka  

REPUBLIC OF SERBIA         Pekovic, Luka  

SOUTH AFRICA                    Baigrie, Nicolas John 

SPAIN                                   Barcelo, Alfredo  

SWEDEN                               Sandstroem, Ellen Signe Maria 

UNITED KINGDOM              Simpson, Katie Emma 

The University of Northwestern Ohio is proud to acknowledge its Dean’s List for Fall Quarter 2019 for students in the College of Health Professions.  The following full-time and part-time students received a grade point average of 3.5 or better:

AR                                      Sherwood   Freck, Kelly Lynn 

CO                                      Colorado Springs   Larres, Kristen Ashley 

IN                                       Madison   Fox, LeAnn G. 

MI                                      Clinton Township   Smith, Aharon Nichole 

MI                                      Traverse City   Sigworth, Laura Diane 

OH                                      Brookville   Pennington, Bailey A 

OH                                      Cairo   Mauk, Katelyn Noelle 

OH                                      Celina   Herman, Mary Grace Ann 

OH                                      Columbus   Grennell, Jessica Lynn 

OH                                      Columbus Grove   Metz, Gracyn Marie 

OH                                      Columbus Grove   Smith, Marissa Kaitlyn 

OH                                      Delaware   Barton, Chloe Irene 

OH                                      Elida   Reese, Makayla Marie 

OH                                      Findlay   Hunter, Kristen L 

OH                                      Grover Hill   Ludwig, Blair E. 

OH                                      Jenera   Miller, Dana  

OH                                      Lima   Bagley, Shamika L 

OH                                      Lima   Grove, Lakin Ariel-Jean 

OH                                      Lima   Kurtz, Dawn Michelle 

OH                                      Lima   McCormick, McKenzie Lerae 

OH                                      Lima   Porter, Mason Christopher 

OH                                      Lima   Smith, Ashlon Z. 

OH                                      Lima   Smith, Shawna Elizabeth 

OH                                      Lima   White, Sophie Grace Nicole 

OH                                      Louisville   Jackson, Ellyn Lynn 

OH                                      Ottawa   Hermiller, Olivia Emma 

OH                                      St. Marys   Rust, Bailey Renee 

TX                                      Harlingen   Siesbuttel, Brooke Michelle

The University of Northwestern Ohio is proud to acknowledge its Dean’s List for Fall Quarter 2019 for students in the College of Occupational Professions.  The following full-time and part-time students received a grade point average of 3.5 or better:

CO                                      Brush   Blake, Kortni Jo

CT                                      Southbury   Gadski, Eric Michael Jr.

FL                                       Dover   Beauchamp, Jacob T 

FL                                       Oviedo   Lam, Brandon Howard 

IL                                       New Lenox   Clavenna, Andrew Scott 

IN                                       Auburn   Burggrave, Brandon Michael 

IN                                       Bourbon   Pitney, Zachary J. 

IN                                       Fort Wayne   Reuille, Jeweleen Anne 

IN                                       Muncie   Crowder, Dale Wayne Jr.

IN                                       Syracuse   McCarthy, William T. 

IN                                       Uniondale   Burnau, Dylan Wayne 

KY                                      Fort Mitchell   Morgan, Devin Cole 

MA                                     Upton   Martin, Bailey Alan 

MA                                     Winchester   Driscoll, Devin Joseph 

MD                                     Westover   Ennis, Brent Glen 

MI                                      Mattawan   Eubank, Tanner  

MI                                      Novi   Murray, Alyssa T 

NJ                                       Sicklerville   Yates, Dylan John 

NY                                      Averill Park   Sanchez, Daniel Steven 

NY                                      Byron   Noeth, Colin J 

NY                                      Montgomery   Hoeffner, Daniel Thomas 

OH                                      Ada   Gonder, Olivia M 

OH                                      Arlington   Kirkpatrick, Sean Ross 

OH                                      Batavia   Watson, MacKenzie Nicole 

OH                                      Celina   Green, Charles Lawrence 

OH                                      Celina   Thomas, Clayton Todd 

OH                                      Cloverdale   Sharp, Heather Leigh 

OH                                      Convoy   Wilson, Deberah Jeanne 

OH                                      Crestline   Conn, Chad Edward 

OH                                      Custar   McCartney, Lanie M. 

OH                                      Delphos   Daley, Steven Andrew 

OH                                      Delphos   Smith, Adam M. 

OH                                      Delphos   Vonderwell, Trent Joseph 

OH                                      Delphos   Wessell, Quinten S. 

OH                                      Deshler   Seemann, Kyler D. 

OH                                      Elida   Fisher, Emily Eileen 

OH                                      Elyria   Koepp, Justin Robert 

OH                                      Fairborn   Warner, Derick Keith 

OH                                      Findlay   Erb, Autumn Lynn 

OH                                      Grand Rapids   Walls, Dalton Joseph 

OH                                      Hilliard   Cashner, Brooklynn Makenzie 

OH                                      Hubbard   Cobbin, Derrick Deondre Burton 

OH                                      Independence   Adams, Larissa Kathryn 

OH                                      Jenera   Ahedo, Vincent Allen 

OH                                      Lima   Boone, Andrew J. 

OH                                      Lima   Craig, Micah John 

OH                                      Lima   Garver, Abby J 

OH                                      Lima   Hixenbaugh, Jacob Noah 

OH                                      Lima   Oglesbee, Rachel Ann 

OH                                      Lima   Washington, Talor Audriana 

OH                                      Louisville   Jackson, Grace Annette 

OH                                      Marysville   Hammergren, Joseph Thomas 

OH                                      Mccomb   Hardy, Chloe Isabelle 

OH                                      Ottawa   Hanneman, Brooke Shay 

OH                                      Saint Marys   Angstmann, Erika Louise 

OH                                      Sidney   Brinkman, Alexander Robert 

OH                                      Van Wert   Booher, Breese Kaiden Lee 

OH                                      Van Wert   Carnahan, Austin Michael 

OH                                      Wapakoneta   Metzger, Terri J. 

OH                                      Wapakoneta   Smith, Geoffrey Ray 

PA                                      Orrtanna   Six, Meagan N. 

SC                                       Beaufort   Crandon, Richard D 

TN                                      Clarksville   Longo, Clayton Brice 

VA                                      Alexandria   Cook, Daniel Robert 

WV                                     Scott Depot   McCreery, Jack R 


FRANCE                                Cazanave, Julie  

GERMANY                           Buss, Anabel Victoria 

GERMANY                           Rexeis, Franca  

GERMANY                           Venrath, Lisa  

GHANA                                 Agyemang, Kate A. 

SWEDEN                               Andersson, Malva Ofelia 

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