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Posted on Tuesday, December 24, 2019


Mallet Meyer and RJ Lank, UNOH grads, at REV Chassis

Written by Communications Specialist Georgia Krebs

A commonality at UNOH? A passion for motorsports. This makes it simple to create lifelong relationships during one’s time at the university. Mallet and Emily Meyer took this relationship a step further. The couple met on campus while they both studied high performance motorsports technology and CDL, and Emily also added on automotive technology.


Post-graduation the two decided to get married and had the crazy idea to move out to Emily’s hometown, Clarence, Iowa, to start a dirt racing business. Revelation Racing, LLC, more commonly referred to as Rev Chassis, is an up and coming company building IMCA sanctioned dirt cars. This business started out of the shop where Emily grew up racing as a hobby.

In just a year and a half Rev Chassis grew and they decided they needed an extra hand. RJ Lank, a former classmate at UNOH, was persuaded to move from Lafayette, Indiana to Iowa to come help with the chassis company. RJ was also a part of the high performance/automotive program. The Meyers were close with RJ during their time at UNOH, Mallet and RJ were on the Motorsports Team and RJ and Emily participated in the Engine Masters Challenge event together.

Mallet and RJ have been a great pair in designing their own chassis and suspension from scratch, they have designed versions of IMCA StockCar, IMCA Hobby Stock, IMCA Modifieds, and IMCA SportMods. While designing, their main priorities have been safety combined with speed. The duo work great together as RJ does a large portion of the chassis fabrication and all of the welding, whereas Mallet does all of the body and tin work.

While those two are busy building, Emily is currently putting her efforts into operating the other half of the business, Rev Apparel. Not only does Rev build the cars from the ground up and offer tech support for customers, it does screen printing and embroidery for the apparel portion of the company.

Since the team has started building chassis full time 3 seasons ago, they are sitting at 42 feature wins, 3 track championships, have won features in all 4 classes of cars they build, one of the chassis they built sat on the front row of the IMCA Super Nationals, and also have had 2 top 5 finishes at Super Nationals in the 2019 season. With some of the toughest weekly competition right in the heart of Iowa, Rev Chassis is consistently competitive with some of the biggest names in the sport.

All this success would be not possible if the three hadn’t met at UNOH. The university played an important role in all of their lives and their business. Emily exclaimed that the unique and detailed classes were life changing, “UNOH gave us all the necessary tools and education to feel confident in building safe and fast cars for our racing community.”

They still call up a few of the instructors to ask a question or get insight on an idea they are working on. “A lot of chassis builders know that using XYZ part and making certain adjustments will help the way your car handles through the corner, but the instructors at UNOH taught us to think outside the box and dig for the reasons and theories behind why that certain ball join helps and why certain adjustments effect handling the way they do.” Rev Chassis, with the support and education from UNOH, has an edge on competition who did not get the education and knowledge to move forward with technology, instead of getting stuck in the old ways or falling behind.

The three don’t forget to find the humor during their long hours of work. It is hard not to have fun while chasing their dreams and building the safest and fastest cars they can. Their goal is to continue doing so, keep winning more races, and make Rev a household name in the motorsports community.

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