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Posted on Monday, December 02, 2019


UNOH Diesel Club's Pulling Truck, The Dean's Nightmare

Written by Communications Specialist Georgia Krebs

From a rolling chassis to a running, driving, performing sled puller, the UNOH Diesel Club has been busy this year working on the school’s 1997 Dodge Ram 3500 pulling truck. The club gets together to maintain and prepare the Dodge for pulling events. The members are able to get their hands in the entire process, except for driving the truck on the pulling track.

This year the students accomplished getting the truck back together and out on the track for the first time since 2015. The process started in August of 2018 when members started reassembling the engine. By this past spring, the entire truck was put together and ready to compete.

It was a busy season as the truck and club traveled to many cities in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana to compete. The Dodge went from not moving at all, to placing in competitions within months. If that isn’t rewarding enough, the pulled their way to first place in Ada, Ohio with a pull of 317.20.

Clubs on campus are designed to bring like-minded students together, but it also teaches them real world lessons and values. Peyton Parlett said, “My favorite part about being a member of the Diesel Club is the experience, and the people that you get to meet along the way. We have been on a roller coaster this year, it keeps us busy thinking of new ways to overcome a problem that arose from the weekend before. It gets us thinking outside the box and always striving to better the truck and pushing for a better weekend to come.”

Another member, Joshua Wenrich, was interested in joining the club because of his passion in the high performance diesel industry. “It helped my education because the club members and myself got to apply what we were learning in class into a real world application,” Joshua explained how he was using his course lessons for the pulling truck. He hopes to use this base knowledge in the future to build his own pulling truck.

The students’ hard work was proven this past season, and their future goals are to keep the sport going strong and keep the truck competitive. Any interested students, regardless of major, are able to join the Diesel Club to be a part of the fun with the pro pull truck!

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