UNOH Grad Working at a PGA Tour Course in Arizona

Posted on Monday, December 16, 2019


UNOH Graduate, Craigory Mell

Written by Communications Specialist Georgia Krebs

A local alumni, Craigory Mell, found his way out to sunny Arizona after graduating this past fall. Originally from Van Wert, Craigory studied Sport Marketing and Management at UNOH with the encouragement of loved ones and a passion for sports.

During his time at the university, the opportunity to have the professors he did was the most memorable. Professors are the ones who lead students’ knowledge and desire into the workforce, and UNOH professors were there the whole way for Craigory. They established an understanding of LinkedIn and how to present himself to future employers personally, verbally, and through communication. Craigory exclaimed how they always pushed them to succeed in and outside of the classroom, and more importantly on a personal level.

During a Sport Marketing and Management class, Craigory found his appreciation in Facility Management and successfully made his way out west to follow his passion. He is currently with TPC Scottsdale, a PGA Tour course in Arizona, doing the Golf Course and Greens Maintenances. Craigory takes pride in his work preparing the golf course for members, member guests, and professional players, utilizing his education in facility management and the daily operations of a facility.

Craigory went west to follow his passion he found while at UNOH. He will always cherish his time at the university with the help of the supportive professors. He left his tip to current and incoming students, “Challenge yourself in the way Professor Gunder challenged me. Why are you doing what you are doing in that school? He gets credit for this understanding, it’s his thesis. Also, never see a starting point or an entry position as a bad thing. Learn, grow, and work your butt off. But never forget those who helped you along the way and always give a helping hand when the opportunity arises. I offer you my best Racers.”

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