UNOH MBA Program Named Among the Best with No GMAT Requirement

Posted on Monday, December 09, 2019


The University of Northwestern Ohio’s Master of Business Administration program was recently named one of the country’s best ACBSP-Accredited MBA programs with no exam requirements by  Their announcement states:

“At we’re in the business of evaluating MBA programs and recommending options for future leaders looking for business schools they’ll be proud to call their alma mater. There’s just one thing we like more than finding programs we can feel good about recommending on the basis of quality and value, and that’s identifying options that offer it all without the tedium of entrance exams.

As it turns out, entrance exam scores aren’t the strong predictor of academic and professional potential they were once believed to be, and they’re definitely not an indicator of quality when assessing the merits of a business administration program. That’s why we went looking at every accredited MBA program in America to identify the very best options out there that consider more than just test scores in their admissions processes. 

When we came to the University of Northwestern Ohio Graduate College, we knew we had a winner. Offering a business administration program that is uncompromising about providing an exceptional student experience, and with absolutely no entrance exam requirements, the Northwestern Ohio Master of Business Administration easily earns its place on our list of The Best MBA Programs with Zero Entrance Exam Requirements for 2019-20!”

With a focus on enhancing your leadership, decision-making, and strategic skills, the University of Northwestern Ohio’s MBA will prepare you to advance in your current position or for bigger, better opportunities. Choose the MBA from UNOH and you’ll be part of a long history of student success. You’ll be able to enroll in a fully online course of study that can be completed in as little as 18 months. With courses starting four times a year and small breaks between quarters, you’ll go from student to an MBA grad in no time flat! And while you’ll be studying at a distance, your learning experience will be exciting and collaborative, thanks to small, interactive online courses.

For more information about the MBA program at UNOH visit:  

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