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Posted on Monday, February 10, 2020


UNOH Student Rebecca Metras

Written by Communications Specialist Georgia Krebs

A well-rounded education is one that also uses real world experience. This is seen in the classes at UNOH, but also outside the classroom in internships. Students are encouraged, and sometimes required, to get an internship before completing their degree. A local marketing agency, NOW Marketing Group, is founded by a UNOH alumna, Jessika Philips. Jessika gives back to the university in the classroom, but also by providing internships to current students.

Rebecca Metras landed the internship with NOW Marketing Group after she caught the agency’s eyes with her work she displayed at UNOH’s Reverse Career Fair. “Internships are so important to getting firsthand experience in the field that you’re going into. You learn so much. I honestly didn’t understand that before I got my internship,” Rebecca exclaimed.

Rebecca is a Digital Multimedia and Marketing student, so NOW Marketing was a great step in the right direction to gain experience before entering the workforce after graduation. “Firsthand experience, like actually putting your hands on something is so important to learning,” Rebecca said. “Not everyone can just learn from text. In fact, most students learn better from seeing someone do it or doing it themselves, like a visual how-to.”

UNOH Graduate Andres MedinaAnother Marketing student, Andres Medina, had luck getting a position with the marketing agency as well. He recalled the agency being very confident in hiring him knowing Andres received his education from UNOH. “It’s reliable because they trust you when you graduate from here. Because they know the quality of education we receive,” Andres stated.

Before gaining the experience with NOW Marketing Group, Andres was grateful for a hands-on learning approach in the marketing classes. “It’s something I liked the most about the classes here,” he mentioned. “Dr. Mann had us work a lot with interacting and using the tools. I’m using these skills right now with the marketing group.” It is comforting to start a position with familiarity in the required tools.

The connection with NOW Marketing does not stop with the group, Rebecca was able to gain another internship through one of the agency’s clients that recognized her talent in photography. For UNOH students, being able to get the experience and extended knowledge before entering into the industry is priceless. Not only are students able to learn more, but they can find their true passion and direction within their field following graduation.

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