UNOH Student Runs Hometown Car Show

Posted on Thursday, March 19, 2020


UNOH Student, Madison Gremore

Written by Communications Specialist Georgia Krebs

The passion for cars is not just in the classroom at UNOH. Students are notorious for being involved in school clubs, local car meets, and numerous other outlets in which to dive further into their passion of the automotive world.

Kalamazoo native, Madison Gremore, says it herself, “The best part of the automotive world is how it brings so many different people together. It doesn’t matter what kind of car you’re into, everyone can appreciate the heart and soul that went into building and taking care of the car.”

Madison is currently an Automotive and High Performance Technologies student that gains experience at the university through the motorsports dirt team, drag team, adventure club, and passing on her knowledge as a peer tutor. But her involvement does not stop there; Madison still puts on the Comstock High School Car Show back in Michigan.

While still in high school, Madison was a member of student government and proposed the idea of including a car show during homecoming to showcase the automotive classes offered at the high school. She then used local car shows and personal outreach to recruit participants for the show. This effort continued over the years and past her graduation. Now, the show has grown enough to justify making it its own separate event outside of homecoming activities.

3-19-20-Madison-Car-Show.jpgMadison spends almost half a year planning this annual car show. During this time she looks for volunteers, designs and produces flyers to advertise, produces trophies, manages social media and web pages, looks for sponsors, schedules catering, and the list goes on. The show is entirely non-profit and all money raised goes towards repairs and upgrades for the school’s car.

“The best part about putting on the CHS Car Show and being so involved with my high school even after graduating is the fact that so many people can be brought together for a common interest,” Madison stated. “I rarely put any attention on myself for my responsibility for the show because it's not about me. I don't put the show on for me; I do it for my school and the community.”

Her goal was to bring people together for a few hours to show off something special to them and to share their stories and experience, as well as inspire students at the high school and community members to look more ways to get involved in their interests.

Just like the car show, Madison’s passion for automotive has grown throughout the years. “The university provides so many resources to help you grow and succeed,” she said. “I personally couldn’t have imaged going anywhere else for my education. UNOH is unmatched in what they offer.”

Madison’s time at UNOH is approaching the finish line and while looking back on her time at the University she said, “I’m most thankful for the connections I’ve made here at the university. You can get knowledge through various resources, but forming genuine and valuable connections with people doesn’t happen just anywhere. I’ve not only made valuable professional connections, I’ve also made my best friends while I’ve been her and I’m incredibly grateful for that.”

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