World of Opportunities at UNOH for Florida Native

Posted on Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Written by Communications Specialist Georgia Krebs

Jamie Sullivan first caught interest in UNOH when she went to Volusia Speedway Park in Florida to simply watch the races during Speed Weeks. This is where she caught sight of the UNOH Motorsports Team kicking off their race season as a collegiate team. Originally from Christmas, Florida, Jamie immediately made the trip north to Ohio to visit the University’s Automotive and High Performance programs.

After being accepted, attending orientation and starting classes, Jamie was ready to hit the ground running.  From day one, Jamie took advantage of all kinds of extracurricular opportunities at UNOH. She immediately signed up for the Race Team and is actively interning on an ARCA team. CCM Racing took Jamie in and put her to work for Eric Caudell, number seven. During the season she will be working on the car and getting firsthand experience working for an ARCA team. In February, at Daytona International Speedway, Jamie kicked off the first race of the season by going over-the-wall with tires during the Lucas Oil 200 race.

“It’s an awesome feeling because it’s been exactly almost a year since I went to the Orientation at Daytona,” Jamie said. “As soon as I got into UNOH I knew I wanted to join this team because I can work with all these ARCA teams. Being so close to all the competitive teams. It’s a pretty cool feeling.”

ARCA is just one of the connections Jamie made during her first year at UNOH, she is also crewing for two independent Monster Trucks that compete at Monster Jam events, Xtermigator and Wolfs Head. 

“My parents are amazed by it, because they didn’t expect this to happen as soon as I started at UNOH,” Jamie said. Being from Florida, her parents were able to proudly watch her live out her dreams at Daytona.

Already being involved in ARCA and Monster Jam, Jamie exclaimed, “If you want to be in the top motorsports, if you want to be in ARCA, Xfinity Trucks, or NASCAR, UNOH is definitely a great school and it will definitely get you connected with the teams and get you a step forward than everybody else that didn’t go to UNOH.”

Jamie has proven that you don’t have to wait until your last year to get involved in these great opportunities at UNOH, the opportunities are there from day one. “I’ve only been going here for seven months and I’m already getting these opportunities. I already know when I graduate, I’m going to have something set for me,” Jamie stated. Her career goal is to start out on an ARCA or NASCAR team, and Jamie is already driving towards that path of success.

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