Agriculture Industry Essential During Crisis

Posted on Wednesday, May 27, 2020


Agricultural Equipment Technology Students at UNOH

Written by Communications Specialist Georgia Krebs

The history of the land is said to be etched in the faces of the farmers.  During these times, we see the hardships of their work from not being able to supply the demand of meat, to limitations on purchases of dairy products leading to an over-abundance of milk that dairy farms are having to dispose of. All the while, farmers can’t stop farming.

Agriculture remains an essential business.  Farmers and food processing facilities were ordered to continue operations during the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.  The industry is working every day to provide for the world’s population. This essential industry includes a large portion of UNOH alumni who work in the agricultural technology field. The UNOH family consists of farmers, agricultural equipment technicians, and essential personnel to keep the business-side of the industry rolling.

Since the emergency declaration on March 13, 2020 by President Trump, there have been many hardships faced by people whose careers have been put on hold while they struggle to maintain the stability of their lifestyle.  At the same time, the agriculture industry has been struggling to keep up with the change of pace. Many farmers are having to adjust operations to ensure the safety of their workforce while at the same time keeping up with the increased demand for products.

“Agriculture is a great industry because no matter what the economy is doing, we still need farmers,” UNOH alumni Josh Beard stated. Josh currently works at Farm Depot in Michigan as an agriculture technician. His workdays have not been any different since the pandemic hit, but are increasingly getting busier. 

As the agriculture industry ramps up production, there is a constant need for equipment that helps farmers plant and harvest their crops, or aid in food production. There will always be equipment that needs to be serviced and maintained. This showcases the job security available in the agriculture industry, and the benefits of working towards a career as an agricultural equipment technician.

At UNOH, 91% of agribusiness management graduates and 79% of agriculture equipment graduates are employed or continuing their education within 6 months of completing their studies. A large percentage of these graduates are working to keep America’s food supply and resources available and accessible.

During this season of uncertainty the world is experiencing, farming remains constant. Agriculture feeds the world. Farmers and the food processing industry do not stop while other parts of the world have. Remember to take the time to thank and support your local farmers, and especially those near and dear to the UNOH family.

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