Diesel Industry Shifts Into High Gear During Crisis

Posted on Tuesday, May 12, 2020


UNOH Diesel Technology Students Training in the Shop

Written by Communications Specialist Georgia Krebs

For the first time in UNOH’s 100-year history, on campus classes have halted to a stop. On any other day, College of Applied Technologies students spend 70% of their time putting their skills to work in shops, the other 30% is dedicated to learning the theory behind the skills in the classroom. For example, in the Diesel Technology program, it would be difficult to learn about differentials without jumping into the shop to get hands-on with a semi-truck with students doing it themselves.

Diesel, and many other technical majors offered at UNOH, have been on the frontline during the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. The diesel industry is powerful and is considered an essential business with trucks traveling the country delivering supplies to hospitals and grocery stores. Without truck drivers, and the technicians to keep the vehicles running, these lifesaving and life sustaining deliveries would be impossible.

Not only are deliveries being made to essential businesses, but there is an increased demand for goods being transported directly to homes as people shelter in place. Between stocking up and avoiding the mass gatherings in public, the majority of people are getting shipments sent directly to their homes. This influx of home deliveries has also increased the importance of having a high-functioning supply chain transporting goods between suppliers and warehouses worldwide.

Many UNOH students choose to add a couple of CDL classes to their program in order to obtain their Commercial Driver’s License in case they need it for a future job. Current times are proving that adding on these two additional sessions at UNOH to receive a CDL, is well worth the investment.

The saying goes, if you bought it, a truck brought it. To UNOH, this means that a technician helped keep that truck running while a certified truck driver got the truck from point A to point B.  The diesel industry is fueling the world and making sure everyone, from frontline workers to civilians sheltering in place, are getting the goods they need to survive this pandemic. UNOH continually strives to provide degree programs leading to career stability for graduates, and these troubling times are proving just how essential a career in Diesel Technology can be. 

For more information about Diesel Technology education at UNOH, visit https://www.unoh.edu/academics/college-of-applied-technologies/diesel-technology.html

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