UNOH Success Story - From Graduation to NASCAR Cup Garage

Posted on Friday, August 28, 2020


UNOH Graduate Will Norris

Written by Communications Specialist Georgia Krebs

Last year, Will Norris, walked from the UNOH graduation to the fast lane in the world of NASCAR. He started in the shop as a finish fabricator for Germain Racing, and quickly gained a spot on the road crew as an underneath road mechanic for NASCAR Cup Series racer, Ty Dillon.

Will grew up in Tennessee living the racing lifestyle, it ran in his veins. It was no surprise that he made the journey to the University of Northwestern Ohio to study Automotive and High Performance Technology, and to continue on and get his Bachelor Degree in Automotive Technology Supervision.

During his time at UNOH, Will became involved with the UNOH Motorsports Team. He did more than just show up on race days, he lived and breathed the Motorsports Team during his years on campus. Will wore many hats for the team; driver, crew chief, head of sheet metal fabrication, and social media coordinator. The motorsports shop was a second home for Will during college.

Balancing the Motorsports Team and schoolwork is a job in itself, but Will still found himself getting involved socially on campus, which made for some his favorite memories. “I enjoyed every single bit of my time at UNOH and it is honestly hard to narrow it down to just one memory,” Will stated. “But one of my favorites was meeting friends that turned into family and still being able to talk to them after we’ve all moved onto our careers is amazing!”

While Will expanded his knowledge, he also learned professionalism and how to carry himself in his career. Will explained, “Throughout my college career we were taught professionalism from day one such as showing up on time, wearing the appropriate clothes and shoes to class, and being able to explain what we’ve learned to our professors.  All of those skills made it easy to transfer into my real-life career.” These life lessons can be seen in the classroom, on the Motorsports Team, and throughout the careers of alumni.

After all the effort and time Will devoted to his education and future, a position in the racing world was expected from his peers and mentors. The connections UNOH has within the racing world, allows students to make relationships prior to starting the job search. These connections allowed Will the ability to walk into his first day of work and feel comfortable and confident. Then he started traveling with the team and it felt like a dream come true. Will was one of the youngest in the cup garage, meeting fans, and being able to turn wrenches on something he is passionate about.

While this year looks a little different, the main difference being the missing fans, one of his favorite parts of being at the track is interacting with the fans, young and old. “To be able to give away something as simple as a lug nut and seeing how excited they get and their happiness is just priceless!”

If you would have asked Will years ago what his dream was, he would have described his exact career today, traveling with a NASCAR team as a mechanic on the weekends and during the week working for a dirt track team. He is enjoying where he’s at and letting life take him in whatever direction it leads!

“I’d tell the UNOH students today to have fun, experience and learn as much as possible. Even though I’m only 24, college flew by and you’ll be standing at graduation or at your new job thinking, ‘man college flew by’ so make the most of it, make memories, and most importantly make connections and try to better yourself as a person, not just as a student.” Will’s advice is something to take to heart, as he successfully continues his career and passion for motorsports!

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