UNOH Grad Following Her Heart into NASCAR

Posted on Thursday, November 19, 2020


Written by Communications Specialist Georgia Krebs

From Pennsylvania, to Ohio, to the fast lane, Stephanie Moyer recently took her racing career to victory lane after winning the Factory Stock class title at her “home” track, Evergreen Raceway in Drums, Pennsylvania. A feat she has been racing towards for the past eight seasons competing at Evergreen.

Stephanie grew up racing and continued to race on the weekends during her time studying Automotive Technology at the University of Northwestern Ohio. She didn’t only spend her free time racing on the weekends, she also became a member of the Race Club. Through the club, she was able to experience races at Daytona International Speedway, make connections in the racing industry, and learn more about racing and the mechanics of the cars within the ARCA and NASCAR series. 

“During the 2018 season, I was with Mason Mitchell Motorsports,” Stephanie explained. “It was very nice because everyone on that team was very patient. They were willing to work with you as an intern when you didn’t understand something. I took a lot of knowledge that I learned there and brought it back here to Pennsylvania with my stock car that we've been racing.”

After graduating in 2019 with her Automotive Technology Associate’s degree, Stephanie went to work for Independence Toyota as a Service Advisor. Once the pandemic hit, she found herself laid off and ready to dive full throttle into racing. The 2020 season has been a success and has really shown Stephanie her capabilities as a driver. She was able to use her knowledge from the classroom and firsthand experience at the tracks.

“Whatever route you want to go in life, UNOH takes you,” Stephanie exclaimed. “Just do what you love to do. Follow your heart.” The passion for racing Stephanie has been building over her childhood and college years, was noticed by Renee Bryant, the head of Racing Development Consultants in Stanley, North Carolina. Renee was intrigued by Stephanie’s talents and references, and the two are currently working together to get Stephanie driving at a higher level in racing.

Stephanie is working towards joining a new developmental team in NASCAR. “The Race Club is really what made this all happen,” Stephanie explained. “If it wasn’t for the connections that I found there, I would still be racing in Pennsylvania.” The UNOH family has their fingers crossed for an alum to watch out for behind the wheel in the 2021 racing season.

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