UNOH Student Starts Embroidery Business

Posted on Tuesday, November 24, 2020


UNOH Student Lauren Hoelscher, Owner of LH Loops & Hoops

Written by Communications Specialist Georgia Beard

Being a college student during 2020 has been a feat in its own, but UNOH student, Lauren Hoelscher, has soldiered on and additionally tackled the challenge of starting her own side business. “LH Loops and Hoops” is her shop that specializes in modern and custom embroidery designs.

Lauren grew up in a small town, not far from UNOH, where her mother taught her how to embroider at a young age. Between the inspiration she found on Pinterest and watching her grandmother still embroidering at the age of 94, Lauren got back into the craft during Christmas time in 2019.

Over the past year, Lauren has not stopped creating hoops. As a student majoring in marketing, it was only natural for Lauren to start an Instagram account for her projects and start promoting her work on social media. This social presence has given her an array of orders.

“I create custom embroidery hoops for my clients,” Lauren said. “The designs I do range from simple photo recreations to names and phrases, to floral pieces. I create hoops as small as 1 inch for keychains, or as big as 10 inches to hang on a wall. I try to keep my designs and hoops diverse, so I can appeal to many different customers.”

Lauren plans to graduate with her Marketing degree in June 2021. During her time at UNOH she has been involved on campus as a cheerleader for the men’s basketball team, serving as a RACER Leader, and is currently the President of the UNOH Chapter of the American Marketing Association.

“My marketing experience, specifically with social media, helps me a lot,” she stated. “Through my classes, I have learned what does better on social media and what does not. Social media is very important to my business as that is where I get 95% of my orders from.”

As Lauren’s graduation is around the corner, she aims to land a job at a marketing firm working with clients to create a personal brand for their business. While doing this, she hopes to continue her embroidery business.  She is currently working towards the goals of selling DIY embroidery kits as well as adding to her current products on Etsy.

“If anyone is thinking of starting their own business - do it,” Lauren exclaimed. “Working and going to college takes up a lot of my time, but doing embroidery is something I really enjoy, so I found the time to do it and make a business out of it. When your job or business is something you love to do, then you are always motivated to do it and make your business better.”

Find Lauren’s embroidery on Instagram at @lh.loops.and.hoops.

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