Student Experiences VIP Treatment at Dirt Track World Championships

Posted on Thursday, December 03, 2020


Kurt Svenson at Dirt Track World Championships

Written by Communications Specialist Georgia Beard

The race industry sees the four letters, UNOH, and knows our students and alumni have the passion and drive for racing. All areas of motorsports open their doors to the University and give students experiences in the real world during their college years. Whether they are interning for an ARCA team every weekend, to shadowing teams from behind the scenes, the opportunities are available to all interested UNOH students.

Kurt Svenson traveled to UNOH from Jamestown, New York, with his thirst for knowledge and eagerness to get his hands dirty in the industry. He immediately joined the Race Club, which works closely with ARCA, to get the experience and make connections, along with the opportunity to take what he learns at school and at the track back home to the dirt modified he works on in New York.

His passion for dirt racing doesn’t stop there. Kurt recently attended the Dirt Track World Championships. “I had an amazing experience, I even had a chance to shadow a race team and see what happens in their hauler,” Kurt exclaimed. “I also got to experience true VIP treatment, and sit up in a cool house and watch the race. I was so humbled for that opportunity.”

Kurt spent his time at the Dirt Track World Championships as if it was a dream - meeting drivers and workers for Lucas Oil. The connections students make during their time at UNOH can set them up for success after graduation.

“I’m thankful for UNOH because if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have the chance to go to other racetracks and ARCA sanctioned races,” Kurt expressed. “If you are interested in any form of racing, I strongly recommend that you go to UNOH. If you have dreams that involve racing, you’ll have a greater chance of achieving those goals if you go to UNOH.”

Kurt’s future goals are to get more involved in his two years left before graduation. He would like to race for a team in any series, anywhere. The connections he has made, and will make in the future, will help him achieve those goals. Not only does he have the connections he’s already made, he is also receiving the hands-on education that is the backbone to a successful Racer.

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