Internships = Head Start for UNOH Student

Posted on Wednesday, March 03, 2021


UNOH Student Saebre Barker

Written by Communications Specialist Georgia Beard

Internships can set students up for their future careers. Current student, Saebre Barker, was fortunate enough to be involved in a campus organization that led her towards an internship with Fun for Kids magazine in Bluffton.

The American Marketing Association (AMA) is a student organization on campus that was approached by Fun for Kids magazine in March of 2020. The magazine knew they needed help with their branding and marketing presence, and recognized UNOH’s AMA Chapter as a great resource to search for interested candidates.

Saebre was interested in the position and considered herself a great candidate for the internship. She started at UNOH in the Digital Multimedia Design program then took her education a step further with adding on a Marketing degree as well. In 2019, Saebre joined AMA as the social media coordinator and is currently the vice president and social media manager.

The dive into Fun for Kids’ marketing was a great real-world learning experience for Saebre. The magazine had very little marketing in place so she quickly developed a social media presence and started digital marketing efforts. “Since we started pushing out the Fun for Kids marketing plan, they have seen a significant increase in sales and an increase in engagements,” Saebre explains. “And they’re seeing a lot of customer feedback that they weren’t getting before. I taught them how important it is to interact with your customers in real time.”

The hands-on education Saebre experienced in the classroom is being directly applied through her the internship. Saebre’s digital multimedia design background is helping as well. Marketing is a very visual field, and to have the ability to create content is an additional skill that is beneficial to the position. 

“A lot of companies want you to have the Photoshop and Illustrator knowledge that you don’t normally get with a marketing degree,” Saebre said. “I can put those skills on my resume, which help me stand out against other marketing graduates.”

Saebre graduates from UNOH in June and will be taking her hands-on education, experience, and connections out into the real world.

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