UNOH Student Turns Lifelong Passion into a Career

Posted on Thursday, April 01, 2021


UNOH High Performance Motorsports Student Charlie Christ

Written by Communications Specialist Georgia Beard

“I’ve always been around racing. My brother races, my father raced, and my nephew races. I’ve pretty much been at the dirt track ever since I could walk,” Charlie Christ told us. This passion for racing lead him to UNOH when a team he was working for back home in North Dakota, went to Volusia Speedway in Florida to race and saw the university there racing with its collegiate motorsports team.

Charlie took a trip to Ohio to visit campus and he instantly knew that UNOH is where he belonged. The move to study 14 hours away from home was a big decision, but racing is in Charlie’s blood, and he knew it was a no brainer to jump start his career with a degree and experience from UNOH.

Immediately Charlie knew he wanted to get involved with racing during his time on campus. A job opportunity with Scott Bloomquist Racing became available and he applied for the opening. After a weekend at the track with the team, they started working with Charlie’s school schedule and now he makes it to every race he is able to fit around his classes.  

“I just think it’s so crazy that I go to school during the week and learn about racing,” Charlie exclaimed. “I can actually go put the stuff I learn to use on the weekends and the race shop working for Scott Bloomquist Racing.”

Scott Bloomquist says, “Charlie absolutely has what it takes to potentially be what you would call a crew chief in this sport.” His hard work doesn’t go unrecognized. Charlie isn’t only working hard to make it to the track every weekend, but he is also doubling up on classes so he is able to graduate sooner than expected. This will allow Charlie to jump full time into his career with racing as soon as possible.

When asked about UNOH students in general, Scott says,”I think that they're young, they're enthusiastic, they're probably from all parts of the United States and I'd like to have three Charlie's on my crew if I could.”

It is not just Charlie’s background in racing that gets him to where he is today. “I’ve seen kids that have no experience in my classes, that are day and night different because of UNOH,” Charlie stated. It is the focus and drive for excellence that has put Charlie on a successful on a team and given him the drive for excellence during his time at UNOH.

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