Marketing Grad Flexing his Muscles at Flex Arm

Posted on Wednesday, June 30, 2021


UNOH Marketing Graduate Eddie Saunders Jr.

Written by Communications Specialist Georgia Beard

Eddie Saunders Jr. knew from a very early age that he was passionate about marketing and advertising. The one-on-one attention Eddie received from the University, even before he was a student, was what made him choose to study Marketing at UNOH.

While studying at UNOH, Eddie held a sales position to help pay his way through college, which led him through a ten-year career specifically in sales. However, a large portion of that career was in marketing and advertising vehicles. “Even though I use sales as a profession, I've always applied a lot of the things that I learned at UNOH in those marketing principles to help elevate my brand specifically,” Eddie states. “Then putting me in a position to where, just 10 years into my journey, if you will, I was able to secure this type of marketing position by not only using the things that I learned at UNOH, but my just clear passion and drive for wanting to be able to do something like this.”

Eddie is now using his marketing expertise at Flex Arm to create content telling the story of the brand, utilizing what he learned through his courses at UNOH. “The big thing I remember is the four P’s of marketing,” Eddie said. “Even though manufacturing is sometimes a boring industry, it’s great for me to be able to take my prior experience and my education, to not only help with our video work, but to be able to do something in front of, and behind the camera, situation.”

The marketing efforts do not stop at video, Eddie is also managing brand reputation through social media, internal efforts, and collaborations with other brands. Despite being a small manufacturing company in the cornfields of Ohio, Eddie is able to do some exciting, creative work at Flex Arm.

“Being able to kind of reverse engineer how we can take the ideal person who wants to receive that message, and then package that message in a great way to really honestly create not only just a buying decision, but an emotional response from that is awesome,” Eddie exclaimed. The passion Eddie has for marketing is evident in his work and how he can take images and words to capture the attention of individuals and influence their actions.

“Even though there's really an illustrious, amazing tech program to UNOH, and it's got a high magnitude of awareness, I really would like to sing from the rooftops and from the mountain tops, about the amazing experience that I had on the business side,” Eddie explained. “Because of what UNOH provided me, from the focus, from that campus lifestyle. Really just putting me in a position, even after I graduated, to make sure I landed on my feet, and had everything that I needed and just felt supported and not like a number.”

Eddie did not want to be a number in a system when he was deciding to invest in his education. Many other universities can put you in a classroom of 200 people, but UNOH keeps the class sizes small and focuses on the students in and outside the classroom. “I knew that making a decision of what college I was going to, was going to impact, not only that couple of years of my life, but the rest of my life,” Eddie stated.

“I thought to myself, ‘Eddie, you could go somewhere that was local to you. That's very affordable. One of the most affordable in the state, still have a reputable college and get that experience by getting the focus that you need, having on-campus living. Then all the amenities that you would also receive at a larger school.’ I guess there's really no other choice for me than UNOH in all reality.”

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