UNOH Agribusiness Graduate Excels in Her Career

Posted on Wednesday, September 01, 2021


Written by Communications Specialist Georgia Beard

Sarah Hall grew up in the farming community and within the agricultural world. She was involved in 4-H and FFA throughout her childhood and with that, came experience and knowledge in the agriculture industry. It was easy for her to decide what career field she wanted to pursue in her future.

When Sarah was searching for a place to study agribusiness, she did not want a large-scale university and that’s when she found the University of Northwestern Ohio. The 18-month program, on a private university, was more fitting for Sarah. After the program she plowed into her career back in Indiana at Clunette Elevator. After a few years in the field, Sarah decided to come back to UNOH and complete the online portion of the agribusiness program for her bachelor’s degree.

The coursework prepared Sarah for her success today. “Some of the courses were challenging,” she explained. “Yet you still have that one-on-one interaction, which was great because I’m the type of student that I learn by example. I needed that one-on-one interaction with the teachers.” She appreciated the professors knowing students by their names and being approachable if there were any questions during class or stopping by their offices on campus.

Starting in the accounts payable department at Clunette Elevator, Sarah climbed her way up to where she is now, the CFO. In this position she is doing anything dealing with financials, including the monthly reporting, checkbook balances, banking maintenance, and more.

“Mr. Gillette was a huge influence on my life,” Sarah stated. “I took quite a few ag classes at UNOH, and a lot of the ag classes prepared me for what I was going to deal with in day-to-day operations of the ag side. It taught me about grain merchandising. It taught me about the agronomy of things.” When asked questions about these sides of the business today, Sara is able to understand and answer almost anything that comes her way.

Sarah’s career may be surrounded by numbers, but overall, it revolves around the agriculture industry. “Without UNOH, I would have never had the opportunity to learn what I did in the ag field,” Sarah admitted. “I also took some business classes while I was there. Those classes shaped me into who I am today and helped me with day-to-day operations of a business.”

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