UNOH AMA Chapter Offers Out-of-Classroom Experiences

Posted on Thursday, October 28, 2021


UNOH AMA Students pose with NRA owners at a 2021 Race

Written by Communications Specialist Georgia Beard

Campus clubs and organizations are opportunities for students to not only become involved on campus and meet fellow peers, but to also gain experience and real-world connections.

Trevor Jones started his journey at UNOH studying Automotive Technology and High Performance Motorsports Technology, then decided to add on a Specialized Studies Bachelor Degree. He chose to add on this program to make him more employable post-graduation. Another way he opened the door to more opportunities was by joining the UNOH American Marketing Association (AMA) chapter.

When joining the club, Trevor wanted to learn a new skill that he could take with him after graduation. Soon after joining, he was elected president. As the AMA president, Trevor schedules and hosts weekly meetings and workshops, coordinates guest speaker events, and arranges visits with outside companies.

Recently Trevor raised idea of getting involved with the local series of the National Racing Alliance (NRA) to see if any students would be interested in helping NRA expand their social media presence. There were a few students interested and soon the students were working with series owners Ron Hammons and Shawn Dance to expand their social media footprint.

Prior to the start of the NRA season, AMA members worked to update social media profiles and create ones that were missing. Then they quickly started to create content to get their audience excited about the upcoming season. Once the series hit the tracks, UNOH AMA members traveled to the track to take pictures of the running order, starting position, pole winners, and numerous other moments during the events. AMA member John Hartman captured video content of heat races, pit road events, and behind the scenes videos. Travis Slayer, another AMA member, oversaw at-track posting. The students came together as a team to create engaging content for the National Racing Alliance series all season long.

 “This experience gave students that might have come to UNOH for a technical program a chance to go to a racetrack and learn how to promote races through social media,” Trevor Jones explained. “Some students may have more experience in marketing and others have more experience in the technical field working on the vehicles. This volunteer opportunity helped bridge them together and combined their knowledge to market to the crowd to gain an even bigger audience and social media presence.”

Any student at UNOH is able to join AMA to gain experience and knowledge in the marketing industry regardless of major. Members learn about sales, content creation, utilization of editing software to create graphics, and much more. Trevor has enjoyed his time with AMA saying, “I love how close of a group we are. We love to make people feel welcome to help them learn a new skill or better the skills they already have.”

UNOH students can join UNOH’s American Marketing Association at any time throughout the year.  For more information about the UNOH AMA Chapter, visit, or reach out to advisors Allan Pohlman and John Strouse.

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