UNOH Grad’s Passion for Exotic Cars Leads to Dream Job

Posted on Monday, May 09, 2022


2012 UNOH Graduate Evan Fiorentino at Soul Performance Products

“Passion for cars is a universal language”, says 2012 High Performance Motorsports Technology graduate, Evan Fiorentino.  Born in Ambler, Pennsylvania, Evan came to UNOH to turn his love of all things automotive into a career with the goal of being able to work on rare and exotic vehicles after graduation.

Currently, Evan is the Director of Manufacturing at Soul Performance Products located in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania.  Soul Performance Products is a 20,000 square foot facility that provides parts and service for exotic race cars.  The road to this career, for Evan, began with what he learned at UNOH and how he put that knowledge to use once he obtained his degree.

A few years after graduation, Evan landed a job at a McLaren Dealership, a job that he obtained in part due to his academic credentials. “Having a degree from an accredited university such as UNOH gave me something that immediately stood out in comparison to my competition,” said Evan. “I was able to discuss at a high level the theory and function of various aspects of sports cars which allowed me to relate to both customers and employees, thanks, in part, to what I learned every day at UNOH.”

After working at the McLaren dealership, Evan moved on to being a Service Advisor at Porsche Automotive, followed by sales at an Audi Dealership. All of this previous experience, led Evan to be one of the first full-time employees of Soul Performance Products when it was just getting started.  As the Director of Manufacturing, Evan manages a team of more than 20 people, 16 of which are full-time fabricators.  He oversees all aspects of the warehouse operations as well as focusing on employee retention and training systems/management to allow for continued growth of the company.

When asked about the most fun part of his career working in the exotic car industry, he was quick to respond. “Having been in the industry for nearly a decade has afforded me the opportunity to experience situations and cars that I could never have dreamed of,” said Evan. “I have been to mansions in California, driven Ferraris through mountain passes, and traveled throughout the US as well as doing business in Asia with hundreds of people who all have the same passion for cars as I do.”

Many of the skills he has perfected today, started at UNOH.  “I used my experience TIG welding at UNOH as a foot to stand on when I was starting out as a professional fabricator, in fact, I keep several textbooks from UNOH in my toolbox and reference them regularly,” said Evan. “One of the most valuable things I learned from UNOH was about discipline and expectations of a well-run shop.  Having the mindset that the floors should be cleaned every day, you should be presentable, tools should be cleaned, and shelves should be stocked. The expectations are professional grade at UNOH and that genuinely helped me not only excel in the workforce, but to be a better person personally as well.”

In the future, Evan says he hopes to keep growing as a leader by learning new techniques, listening to feedback from his team, and developing new ways to instill the same virtues that UNOH has done for him. As far as recommending UNOH to other young men and women who have dreams of working in the performance world, “There is no better education to be had anywhere. I will say unequivocally that if I saw an application with a degree from UNOH on it, they would be guaranteed an in-person interview right from the start.”

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