UNOH Athletes Speak with Students at Lima West

Posted on Wednesday, November 01, 2023


UNOH Basketball Players pose for a picture with students at Lima West Middle School

The University of Northwestern Ohio's Men's Basketball Team recently took a timeout from their busy schedule to connect with and inspire students at Lima West Middle School during the school’s Workout Wednesdays. The visit, organized as part of UNOH's ongoing commitment to community engagement, left a lasting impact on both the athletes and the young students.

Richard Westerlund, in his first year as Head Coach of the Racers, spoke passionately about the importance of connecting with the community. "The greatest gift we have been given is connection, so the opportunity to connect and pour back into this community is something that really excites us," Westerlund said. "The administration at Lima West was very receptive to our guys getting involved with the students."

The UNOH basketball team shared valuable life lessons and experiences with the students, challenging them to reflect on their choices and dreams. Coach Westerlund emphasized the need to align choices with aspirations, stating, " We told them to be thermostats, people who set the temperature of the room, rather than thermometers, people who react to the temperature of the room. Do your choices align with the dreams and aspirations of where you want to be? We are challenging them to change their best each and every day. "

Senior Guard Cedric Delancy, one of the key players on the team, reflected on his journey and the impact of speaking to young, aspiring athletes. "It helped me to reflect and realize how far I've come and just how much I should appreciate where I'm at to be able to speak to the up-and-coming kids who share the same dream as me," Delancy said. "Being a college athlete isn't something that I should take for granted."

Delancy also stressed the importance of seeking help and surrounding oneself with the right company, advising, "Never be afraid to ask for help and to be wise about the friends you keep around."

Sophomore Guard DJ Bogay was moved by the experience of connecting with the students and realized the impact he has on the younger generation. "Talking to the students made me realize how much of an impact I do have on the students and how I need to carry myself well," Bogay noted. He shared a heartwarming moment when a student asked about the challenges of being a college athlete. “A kid asked me if it is hard to be a college athlete. I told him it's not and all you have to do is stay disciplined, and with that you will be able to have fun, and he said 'ok, bet,' which made me feel like I was able to get through to him."

Junior Guard Ryan Archey, cherished the moments of levity with the students. "My favorite moment was laughing with the kids and seeing them smile. I'll never forget it," Archey said. "As a college athlete, it helps knowing that kids look up to us, so it's important to make sure what you post on social media doesn't change that."

Archey also shared his advice with the students, encouraging them to follow their dreams. "My advice to them was to always follow your heart and do what's best for you. To find out what you want to be and be legendary at it."

The UNOH athletes visiting Lima West Middle School exemplifies the positive influence college athletes can have on young minds. Through their shared experiences and words of wisdom, they have instilled hope and inspiration in the students, encouraging them to pursue their dreams with dedication and determination. 

Other UNOH athletes are speaking to Lima West students throughout the rest of the year including stidents who play Volleyball, Softball, Baseball, Golf, Soccer, and Bowling. To follow the athletic achievements of the UNOH Racers throughout their respective seasons, visit

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