UNOH Receives Mental Health Support Grant

Posted on Monday, January 29, 2024


The University of Northwestern Ohio is proud to announce it has been awarded a Mental Health Support Grant from the Ohio Department of Higher Education. The grant, totaling $168,551 spread over two fiscal years, is aimed at enhancing mental health support services for students on campus.

UNOH is committed to the well-being of its student body, and this grant will play a pivotal role in furthering that commitment. Dr. Jaclyn Jarvis, Licensed Clinical Psychologist and the University’s Counseling Center Director applied for and successfully secured the full grant amount, demonstrating its dedication to creating a supportive and mentally healthy campus environment.

The funds from the grant will be utilized for several key initiatives:

  • Increasing Campus-Wide Awareness: UNOH aims to raise awareness of available mental health care options by implementing engaging educational opportunities. This includes offering online mental health training and certifications for students, faculty, and staff.
  • Minimizing Barriers to Care: To make mental health services more accessible, UNOH will contract with telehealth counseling services. This initiative is specifically designed to address barriers to seeking care during non-traditional hours, such as evenings and weekends. Students will have the flexibility to book therapy sessions that align with their schedules.
  • Expanding Access to Psychological Assessments: The grant will enable UNOH to enhance its Counseling Center by increasing access to psychological assessments. This step is crucial in providing comprehensive mental health support to students.
  • Outreach Programming and Events: Throughout the academic years 2024 and 2025, UNOH plans to organize outreach programming and events on campus. These initiatives are geared towards fostering a supportive community and promoting mental health awareness.
  • Building a Mental Health Library: UNOH is dedicated to creating a resource hub for students by establishing a mental health library. This library will house literature specifically dedicated to behavioral health and mental health, enriching the available resources in the UNOH Library.

Dr. Jeffrey A. Jarvis, UNOH President, expressed gratitude for the Ohio Department of Higher Education's support and emphasized the university's commitment to prioritizing mental health. "This grant is a significant step towards creating a campus environment where every student feels supported and has access to the resources they need for their mental well-being," said Dr. Jarvis.

The University of Northwestern Ohio looks forward to implementing these initiatives and furthering its mission of providing a holistic and supportive educational experience for all students.

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