UNOH International Students Visit Elida Elementary Students

Posted on Thursday, May 23, 2024


UNOH Student Omari Asher, from Trinidad and Tobago, presents to Elida Elementary Students

This month, Elida Elementary School hosted an International Fair, capping off a year-long partnership with international students from the University of Northwestern Ohio. This annual event provides a unique opportunity for second and third graders to engage with diverse cultures and traditions from around the world.

Throughout the school year, nine international students from UNOH visited Elida Elementary multiple times to share their cultural heritage. These students included Omari Asher from Trinidad and Tobago, Mateo Ortiz from Ecuador, Moritz Guettel and Janne Frauenpreiss from Germany, Jamie Kennedy from Ireland, Hedda Isaksson from Sweden, Rhiannon O’Looney from England, and Alvaro Vasquez and Emilio Arancibia from Chile.

The culmination of these interactions was the International Fair held on May 15th. The event allowed the Elida students to travel from classroom to classroom, further exploring the countries they had learned about throughout the year.

During the day, UNOH students conducted presentations, displayed poster boards, and brought various items such as flags, currency, and traditional artifacts from their home countries. They engaged with nearly 400 students, answering curious questions and fostering an environment of cultural exchange.

"You get asked so many questions, like if I have sisters, if McDonald's is a thing back home, or about our currency. These funny questions bring a smile to our faces," said Janne Frauenpreiss, a senior from Germany.

"You know, we're just trying to teach them that Trinidad Tobago is a good and developed country in the world. America is not the only standardized country, and Trinidad Tobago is also a very good place to be and visit as well,” said Omari Asher, a freshman from Trinidad and Tobago. “I think it's good for social studies and just global knowledge in general to know about other countries and more about other cultures that will help them later in life and adapt to different situations."

This initiative, organized by the International Student Services Department at UNOH, aims to promote cultural awareness and global knowledge among young students. The program not only enriches the students' understanding of the world but also allows UNOH students to give back to the community in a meaningful way.

Elida Elementary teachers have also supported this cultural exchange by incorporating international subjects such as discussing the upcoming Summer Olympics and Map Studies into their curriculum. The collaboration has been a resounding success, and both the UNOH students and the Elida community look forward to continuing this tradition in the future, celebrating the diversity that enriches their educational experiences.

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