UNOH Welcomes Trackhouse Racing to Campus

Posted on Friday, May 17, 2024


Shaun Peet presents to UNOH Students

Written by Contributing Columnist: Jacob Hixenbaugh, UNOH Director of Career Services 

Students in the UNOH High Performance and Motorsports Marketing programs attended a visit on May 15 to hear from Shaun Peet with Trackhouse Racing as part of a series of presentations hosted by UNOH Career Services.  The full series focuses on bringing guests to campus for a variety of different degree programs.  Guest speakers highlight their company and showcase job opportunities in students' desired career field.  It also provides students with unlimited chances to network with potential future employers.

Shaun Peet is the Co-Founder of the DECK Leadership team, Chief Kindness Officer, and Pit Crew Coach for Trackhouse Racing.  He visited campus eager to engage our students and faculty, and learn about how UNOH operates.  During his time on campus, Shaun enjoyed a tour of facilities and ended the day having conversations with students and employees.

During his on campus presentation, Shaun gave an empowering speech to students, uplifting them, and encouraging them to challenge their mindset when it comes to education and work.  He spoke on how often times we become so focused on proving people wrong that it gets in the way of the enjoyment and celebration of our accomplishments.  In his challenge, he asked students to, “Prove People Right™” by working towards your goals with the people who support you, and foster an environment of encouragement and determination instead. This caught the attention of many students, as they moved up on the edge of their seats to listen about bringing positivity into their daily routine.

He also spoke about how to, “Move The Needle” in the workplace.  This included lots of information about attitude, work ethic, and passion that are essential to being successful in your job, and in NASCAR.  “Move The Needle” means working to the best of your abilities to do your work at the highest standards, and being a good team member to those around you. He stressed that performing at your best because you are passionate, and helping those around you develop into the best version of themselves is how the needle moves to a higher level, and together, you achieve greatness.

Shaun finished up by talking to students individually and answering specific questions they had. He also gave them advice on how to pave their path to a race team.  Many answers to student questions included tips and drills on how they could become more efficient and skilled in their pit stop practices, as well as conversations about employment and the NASCAR industry. 

We thank Shaun Peet and Trackhouse Racing for their time and investment into our students and eagerness to help prepare the next generation of the workforce for the challenges they may face.  For more information about Trackhouse Racing, visit: 

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